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Learning how to use consciousness.

Putting consciousness on “Heart” and Getting answers from the inside.

Last updated: 05/28/2022

Lionheart X Vision 

This name includes the meaning of “You can grab unknown answers from your inside by putting consciousness on your heart.” (we describe the heart as Heart from here)

*X=unknown things *Vision=getting answers or the power to see through

“Heart Breathing Technique” is the most basic

The meaning of “Heart” here is “Love itself” and what every single person has been inside originally. In addition, it is not easy to put consciousness in “Heart.” The reason is that your usual state of consciousness can easily change into a state of mind such as unease, lack of self-confidence, or anger due to tiny daily matters. An unstable state of consciousness like this can give a big influence on family life, work, and personal activities, and if you are an athlete, it can affect your performance. 

Therefore, in order to be able to keep your consciousness in a stable state, we, Lionheart X Vision, first guide people with the “Heart Breathing Technique.” Heart (Love) is one energy that can adjust and stabilize the usual state of consciousness or all of the daily matters. “Heart Breathing Technique” is the method that generates consciously the energy of Heart with a breathing method.

: Effectiveness and mechanism of Heart Breathing Technique

Areas where this breathing technique can be utilized

Sports in general:
It can be used for athletes to adjust their daily state of mind and body and to maintain and enhance concentration.
: For athletes and those involved in sports

Human resource development (corporate training):
The state of consciousness (psychological aspect) calms down, and the efficiency of work, the ability to make self-judgment, and the ability to respond flexibly increase. It is very useful in developing people and helps to improve motivation and skills.

Just by doing the Heart Breathing Technique for 5 minutes, you can utilize it for various things in everyday life.

As a basis, for mental and physical stability. It is effective for dealing with childcare, solving troubles, stabilizing the marital life, improving the efficiency of study, and adjusting the mind and body at the end of work and at the beginning of the day.

“How to use consciousness to unravel yourself”  

In addition to the above basics, what we are aiming for further is to convey the method “How to use consciousness to unravel yourself” to a larger number of people.
Firstly, the following three are basic and important:

1. To acquire the “Heart Breathing Method”
2. To learn the method to interact with yourself inside
3. To greatly make use of the characteristics of the body

The reactions that occur or various symptoms that appear inside the body become the signal to find the appropriate answer for yourself. Here are some reasons that they emerge inside the body. By repeatedly interacting with yourself inside, you will become able to do the following:

・To know yourself
・To find out what you want to do
・To be conscious of the answer and where to fix if you have a problem. 

All answers exist inside yourself:

  • When you hope to give birth, or are worried about infant rearing and raising children
  • When you hope to get married or suffer from marriage
  • When you are worried about job hunting, work in general (including incidents at a workplace), or business management
  • For those who perform such as entertainers and who may want to improve your performance
  • For athletes, when you want to come back from injuries or slumps

The power to find out answers is not outside but inside yourself.

The reason we use the word “inside” is that there is a ground for proof. A true self exists inside every single person. And the existence is always sending messages from various angles so that you who live in daily life can go in the direction where you hope. Things that do not go smoothly and each symptom that appears in the body are messages designed to help you to find out something that will become the answer. That is why we are teaching you how to interact with your inner self.            

If you need the guidance of Lionheart X Vision, please daringly open the door. we will guide you on how to grasp answers. You firstly might feel that the technique is a little difficult because you might have not made use of it. However, once you actually utilize it, you will be able to realize its effectiveness.  

To fit each need, various classes are prepared, so please refer to the relevant pages. 
And you also might be confused with the words and the name of each class that you first see. Therefore, we recommend you to read the following pages as needed:

Management philosophy (It is simply mentioned about Heart and “Itsukushimi”)
Lectures (Especially, the purpose of each class)

We sincerely hope that every single technique that Lionheart X Vision has created and shaped will be utilized in various fields and by many people.

Regarding our business

We, Lionheart X Vision, systematically and theoretically have established practical techniques based on our own experiences and are providing them through our business. We guide you about Heart, love, and “Itsukushimi,” but we have no relation with any religion.

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Thank you for visiting our web site.

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