Basic Class: ”Make a foundation to live a stable life”

”Make a foundation to live a stable life”
This is the major theme of the “Basic Class”.

What you learn in this class can be used in any field regardless of age. In the course term of 3 months, we will guide along with the following theme.

  • Learn the adjustment method of the mind and body
  • Learn the technique to get answers inside oneself
  • Acquire the method to live a stable life

For that, you will learn the following 3 techniques.

  • Heart Breathing Technique
  • The method of asking oneself
  • “Itsukushimi” Breathing Technique

It is essential to adjust the inside of oneself (the state of the mind) every day and you will learn the techniques for that. That makes the following things possible.

  • Build relationships with people well
  • Live life just as oneself
  • Go out into society and be active
  • Realize the talent lying inside oneself and use it appropriately

The technique that you learn in the Basic Class is the required one also when you learn other methods guided in Lionheart X Vision.

Study period / Tuition fee

Study period: 3 months 
Lecture time is 9 hours: Guidance of each technique and issue
We will give lectures about twice a month. (90 minutes × 6 times)
Please choose which one, face-to-face or video call.
Face-to-face: Kawagoe, Saitama in Japan or on a business trip
Video call: Group lecture is via Google Meet. Individual lecture is via Messenger, Skype, LINE, Zoom, or Google Meet

◆Tuition fee
Basically, please pay in a lump sum.

Group lecture JPY125,400.00 (Tax included)
(more than 2 persons)
Individual lecture JPY223,300.00 (Tax included)
◆When to hold Basic Class
The individual lecture is always available.
We accept online lectures for each group as well: those who want to take lectures with their friends or acquaintances and so forth.
For onsite lectures, please inquire.

Special Offer of Basic Class

  • We will follow up with all participants other than class time!
    On the closed group page of Facebook, we will let you know pickup information when needed: guide featured articles, etc.
  • You can acquire each technique!, by practicing every day the assignment (the program created independently by Lionheart X Vision) to be given during class.
  • According to each need or characteristic, provide specialized assignments!
  • Talent inside each will naturally be brought out!
    : It will be easier to receive ideas., etc.

Daily life is exactly the place that makes use of the lecture content. Please try to proceed at each pace.

Regarding application

Please apply, referring to the guidance on the following page.

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Until the “Application Information Page” is completed, for application or inquiry, please contact us from the following page.

The details of the Basic Class are guided below. Please read them before going to the “Class Application Guide” page.

Detail Guide of Basic Class

Regarding how to use the mind

No matter what, shaping life is the “mind (consciousness)” of people.
Here, the “mind” means the state of the inside: thinking, feeling, or having a kind of emotion. When people have a mind, that becomes energy and is generated, ends up circulating inside the body.

In addition, things that are made by the mind have the nature of becoming a phenomenon.
If I say it in an extreme way, depending on how to use the mind, you can proceed with your life in a good direction or also one that you do not hope for.  Also, the state of inner consciousness naturally appears on the outside, therefore, that affects the physical and mental state too. You can also keep a healthy body for a long time or also make it easier for the disease to appear. The mind (consciousness) has a strong power that makes it a phenomenon such as the above, although that is hard to see.

Figure 1

Figure 1 shows the state that thinking things etc. in your mind is generated as an energy within the aura and its energy settles in the body. 

The aura is difficult to see, however, that is equipped with each person the same as the body. The things made by the mind have the characteristic that is recorded and stored in the aura.

For example, if people keep being deeply worried about further from the state of Figure 1, they will be such as the state of Figure 2.

Figure 2

When coming to the above state, somehow people may feel the weight or sluggishness of the body. It is not that I am not mentioning that this state is bad, however, if that is kept on being remained in the body, the influence will appear in one’s daily life.

For example:
Take a negative view
Amplify an anxious feeling further
Use rough words against people and so on

If you think of your long life, it can be said that how to use a stable mind is important, because the mental and physical state or also life will be shaped by its consciousness if you continue to live in that state.

Heart Breathing Technique that adjusts the mind and body

Therefore, what we will first guide is the “Heart Breathing Technique”. ”Heart” means love itself and is equipped inside every single person since they were born. In addition, Heart is also one consciousness and the energy created by that consciousness has the action that adjusts mental and physical state and matters.

Figure 3

Heart Breathing Technique is one that circulates by breathing method the energy that is generated by turning the consciousness on one’s Heart.

How to use the mind that influences life

It can be said that even if you just do this breathing method one or two times a day, it is possible that you would go for a thoroughly different life. To that extent, “how to keep the mind” has the possibility to hugely affect life.

Because the energy due to the mind that you created once remains inside the body, adjustment of days is essential. It can be possible greatly that what you think of or feel on a daily basis is influenced by what you were worried about yesterday or trauma in childhood.

Thinking of the same thing repeatedly or keeping feeling depressed, in order to get out of these situations, we recommend incorporating the Heart Breathing Technique in everyday life as if cleaning up your room.

Figure 4

When becoming such as the state of the figure above, for example, in the case that you have a long-term strategy or short-term plan, it will be easier for them to be fixed inside oneself. That is because by doing the breathwork, you can erase the vision of a negative mind so that it is easier to grasp what you hope for.

What is the method of asking oneself?

The “method of asking oneself” is one that questions inside oneself as followed:
When a symptom appeared in the mind and body, “Why it appeared?”
When the problem happened, “What should do?” and so on.

What is important at that time is to ask oneself after doing the Heart Breathing Technique. Because of that, you can make your inside stable and prepare to get proper answers inside yourself. 

The method of asking oneself is the basic and crucial one to get answers from one’s inside, and in the Basic Class, you will learn its elementary content.

“Itsukushimi” Breathing Technique

What you acquire at the last of this class is the “Itsukushimi” Breathing Technique. By acquiring the breathing method, you will be able to do the following:

  • Restore the weak part of oneself
  • Adjust negative emotions: anxiety, anger, fears, etc.

What is “Itsukushimi”?

We, LHX, define it as followed:

“Itsukushimi” is “love that the quality of women creates”, in other words, it can be said that it is”the mind that accepts or kindly watches over oneself or people”. And it has the action that adjusts and calms negative emotions. And because there is the quality of women inside men as well, men also can aggressively use “Itsukushimi” in their daily lives.
The “Itsukushimi” breathing technique is one that circulates the created energy to the needed part inside the body by being conscious of “Itsukushimi” inside oneself.

People basically have “the quality of women” and “the quality of men”. And the quality of women is the element of “accepting” and “nurturing”, and on the other hand, the quality of men is the element of “creating or shaping things” and “putting out”.

If I say the sensation of “Itsukushimi” understandably, that is the lovely one such as generated inside every single person when holding a baby in their arms or watching over a child.

Essential in the age from now on

When you use the consciousness of “Itsukushimi”, that makes them more stable or easier to work or easier not only in individuals but also the place such as families or companies where people gather. That is the power of “Itsukushimi” (love of the quality of women) and will play a big role in not only individual activity but also maturity in the human relationships or stable and continuous operation of teams and companies.

The following figure shows the characteristics that “Itsukushimi” has. Please refer.

For the detail of ”Itsukushimi”, please see the following page:
What is “Itsukushimi”?: The form of love that feminine quality creates

In the Basic Class, we will eventually guide you to the point such as the following:

Acquire the “Itsukushimi” Breathing technique and send the energy of “Itsukushimi” to the needed part inside the body.
Learn how to use the “Itsukushimi” mind and become to be able to utilize it for marital life or work.

After finishing the course, you can utilize the techniques that you acquired for various daily things.

  • In work, human relationships, real performance, or games:
    Because you can adjust your mind and body, it will be easier to express your real self or power.
  • In childcare, parenting, or work:
    You will be able to more easily cope with various problems than before.
  • Cope with negative emotions emerging inside
  • Keep relationships in marital life or the workplace in a good situation:
    You can accept people’s feelings or look at yourself calmly.
  • Create appropriate plans, ideas, catch copies, sentences, etc:
    By adjusting your mind, a good influence emerges in work or each activity.

Course content

◇The basic contents of Heart
・Effectiveness and characteristics of Heart
・Heart Breathing Technique putting one’s hand on the center of the chest
・Heart Breathing Technique and the technique of asking oneself
◇How to use the consciousness of Heart
・Guide you through the practical contents so that you can skillfully use the Heart Consciousness
◇The basic contents of “Itsukushimi”:
To acquire the technique for utilizing the characteristics of “Itsukushimi” that adjusts various things, including emotions emerging inside
・”Itsukushimi” Breathing Technique
・Send the “itsukushimi” energy to the necessary points inside the body.
◇We will give you the advice to be able to utilize the above methods for many fields, work, and things interested.

Original courses and teaching materials for each group.

It is possible to create original content according to the company’s purpose, school, team, various organizations, etc.

The contents of this page are the minimum necessary for adults living in the present (those who do not have much time). For example, if you can take the time to learn when you are in college and so on, you will acquire more fulfilling content and it will become a major pillar in your life.
If you are interested, please contact us.

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