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Basic Class: Learn about Heart and “Itsukushimi”(female love)

What you learn in the “Basic Class” will be the essential foundation for living your life and can be used in any field regardless of age. It is also the basis for various techniques that we, Lionheart X Vision, guide you.

* We will guide you through the basic contents on this page. For more information, please visit the linked pages below.

What you learn specifically

◇Heart Breathing Technique
◇”Itsukushimi” Breathing Technique
◇The method of asking oneself

Basically, you will learn these three methods during the three-month course period. Besides that, we will guide you on the following contents little by little.

The main purpose of the Basic Class

(1) Stabilize how to use consciousness by utilizing the action of Heart
(2) Learn the technique of interacting with your true self in order to get answers from your inside
(3) Use the action of “Itsukushimi” and adjust your inner self (emotions in the subconscious, etc.)

First, we will guide you through the heart (described Heart from here).
And regarding “Itsukushimi,” please refer to the bottom of this page.

Learn the importance of putting consciousness in your Heart

What is Heart?

The “Heart” we guide you here means love itself.
In addition, Heart is what humans originally have inside and can be also the foundation to live life.

The consciousness of Heart

The “consciousness” mentioned here means thinking, feeling, and having emotions. And even if consciousness is invisible, it has the characteristic that it instantly occurs as energy and flows inside the body.

Heart (love) is also one consciousness, and if you turn consciousness to your Heart, the energy of Heart will be created at the moment.

For example, when your consciousness is in a state of love in daily life, the energy of Heart is naturally generated within your body. In this course, we will teach you how to use the consciousness of Heart so that you can consciously become its state.

The basic action of Heart

  • Heart has the effect of stabilizing the state of consciousness and things.

First of all, this is very important.
However, the state of consciousness is easily influenced by everyday events and changes every time they occur. Therefore, it is often difficult to stabilize consciousness or to return to Heart = the consciousness of love (stable state).

That is why we are first guiding you from the Heart Breathing Technique so that you can more easily land on the consciousness of Heart (calm state).

What you can do with the Heart Breathing Technique

The reason for using a breathing method is to circulate the created energy of Heart throughout the body and stabilize the state of consciousness (such as uneasy situations, etc.) first.

This is a very effective technique and can be utilized for many things in daily life. Once the state of consciousness is adjusted, the mental and physical condition naturally become in good shape. Therefore, you can utilize it specifically for the following situations.

  • To keep your state of consciousness in good shape when you are preparing for important presentations or matches
  • To adjust your mind and body before you start working or do something
     Reference page: 5 minutes before the start of work: How to use the Heart Breathing Technique(1)
  • To calm a disturbed state of mind
  • To brighten up the future situation, etc.

For more information about “Heart” and the “Heart Breathing Technique,” please see the following pages.

: Effectiveness and Mechanism of Heart Breathing Technique

Three-months flow

From here, while continuing to introduce the contents of this class, we will show you how you will acquire them in 3 months (about 90 days).

Figure 1

The first 30 days:

  • You will be able to recognize the sense of “Heart” little by little.
  • You will be able to grasp it through the senses that energy is generated in the body.
  • you will be able to easily turn your consciousness within you.
  • You will get used to using your Heart little by little.
  • You will be able to recognize the difference between other people’s consciousness and your consciousness, and to confirm it is also good even if there is the difference.

31~60 days:

  • The foundation of Heart is gradually created, and you will be able to give a good influence on how to use consciousness.
  • Learn about the action of “Itsukushimi.”
  • Acquire the “Itsukushimi” Breathing Technique.
  • Daily life will stabilize little by little.

By acquiring the Heart Breathing Technique, you will be able to sense the stable state of mind and body objectively. For example, even if anxiety emerges inside, you will use the techniques having learned over one month and get used to adjusting the waves of emotions appearing inside.

If you stabilize your state of consciousness, you can change how to look at things. With this stable consciousness, if you look ahead to the future that you are moving forward, it will be easier to get the future you want.

Regarding consciousness and frequency

The consciousness that you have inside also attracts the same kind of energy. If you have one consciousness strongly, the energy by the consciousness is generated inside the body, it becomes as if a certain kind of magnetic force, and attracts the same kind of energy, thing, and person.

In a sense, the “Itsukushimi” Breathing Technique uses this principle.
After being able to use the consciousness of “Heart,” based on the Heart Breathing Technique, you can create the energy of “Itsukushimi” (love of feminine quality) inside you by using consciousness. And with the Breathing Technique, you can circulate the energy of “Itsukushimi” which amplifies inside the body.

In these 60 days, you will acquire the Heart Breathing Technique and the “Itsukushimi” Breathing Technique.

Regarding the energy of “Itsukushimi”

The energy of “Itsukushimi” has the effect of adjusting the emotions lurking inside.
It is very useful energy when changing the way of life, living better in daily life, demonstrating one’s talents further, and realizing dreams.

Besides that, it can be said that it is the most necessary energy inside people. This is because the instability inside people inevitably appears in everyday life, and the major factor is also due to the emotions that have been stored inside since childhood.

The “Itsukushimi” that I guide you here is feminine love itself.
In other words, it can be said that it is a consciousness to gently watch over and accept oneself or others.

It is important to flow necessary elements to the missing parts

The reason that an unstable state is born inside you is that love was not enough at the needed time, especially in childhood. Therefore, it is important to shed ”Itsukushimi” to the part that creates instability and to replenish it, which is the same element (energy) as what had been insufficient inside you. This is exactly the main reason that I guide you to use “Itsukushimi.”

For more information about “Itsukushimi”, please refer to the following two pages.

: The principle of “Itsukushimi” and its action: My experience of realizing what I wanted to do over past lives.

: What is “Itsukushimi”: The form of love created by feminine quality (It will be forthcoming)

61~90 days:

  • Learn the technique to use the Heart Breathing techniques and interact with your true self inside.
    : Technique of asking, etc.
  • Acquire the technique to send the energy of “Itsukushimi” to the needed parts of the body and adjust the emotions that emerge inside you.

By using the technique of asking yourself after doing the Heart Breathing Technique, you will be able to grasp the sense of getting answers within yourself little by little. The dialogue method that you learn here is a very basic and useful method for opening up your own future. If necessary, please also refer to the following page.
: Interaction with your true oneself: To get the answer of life (It will be forthcoming)

It varies from person to person how you make use of what you learned after taking this course. We will not basically change the course contents but we will assemble it according to the nature (needs) of those who attend.

What you will learn in this class is essential for any following course and is also an introduction to the Counseling I Am Class.

Original courses and teaching materials for each group.

It is possible to create original content according to the purpose of the company, school, team, various organizations, etc.

The contents of this page are the minimum necessary for adults living in the present (those who do not have much time). For example, if you can take the time to learn when you are in college and so on, you will acquire more fulfilling content and it will become a major pillar in your life.
If you are interested, please contact us.

I am also looking forward to hearing from individuals.

In addition, if you are applying by individuals or are unsure how or when to apply, please feel free to contact us.

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Course content

◇The basic contents of Heart
・Effectiveness and characteristics of Heart
・Heart Breathing Technique putting one’s hand on the center of the chest
・Heart Breathing Technique and the technique of asking oneself
◇How to use the consciousness of Heart
・Guide you through the practical contents so that you can skillfully use the Heart consciousness
◇The basic contents of “Itsukushimi”:
To acquire the technique for utilizing the characteristics of “Itsukushimi” that adjusts various things, including emotions emerging inside
・”Itsukushimi” Breathing Technique
・Send the “itsukushimi” energy to the necessary points inside the body.
◇We will give you the advice to be able to utilize the above methods for many fields, work, and things interested.

Regarding how to proceed with the class

We will give you lectures once or twice a month and assignments for each student at every lecture. If you practice the contents of the lectures in your daily life, you will be able to acquire the above methods. Daily life is a place where you can practically utilize the method you learn. Please go forward at each pace.

You can take lessons in whichever face-to-face or video call. The video calls are Skype, Zoom, Google Meet, Messenger, LINE, and so on. It is possible to take the lectures wherever you live in Japan or overseas.

Tuition fee and class hours

Group lecture JPY136,000.00/9 hours
(more than 3 persons)
Individual lecture JPY243,000.00/8 hours

※When you learn in an individual lecture, class hours are reduced because you can learn faster than in a group lecture. The contents of learning are the same.

<Learning period>
About 3 months

Regarding the fee that you paid

If you quit the class on your way, at the time when you would tell us about your decision we will calculate the remaining fee and pay back you a third of the left fee. The reason is that we take time and work for you to prepare and guide the class. We hope you could understand that.

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