Effectiveness and Mechanism of Heart Breathing Technique

On this page, we will guide you about the detail of the “Heart Breathing Technique.”
The Heart Breathing Technique is very useful so that you can utilize it in various situations of daily life, for example:

  • When consciousness becomes unstable due to other people’s words and behavior or daily events
  • When you think too much about something and cannot discover the answer
  • When relationships with people do not go well
  • When you are worried about the future or your current activities, etc.

Below, we will guide you on the benefits of the Heart Breathing Technique and how it works. First of all, we will provide a brief guide about “consciousness.”

By having consciousness, energy is instantaneously generated inside the body

The “consciousness” guided here refers to the state of one’s inner consciousness, such as thinking, feeling, and having emotions. Whatever the form, the state of consciousness instantly becomes invisible energy and circulates inside the body.

For example, negative consciousness such as anxiety, fear, envy, sadness, anger, etc. becomes heavy energy, and it deeply affects the way of thought emerging at the moment, the efficiency of work, study, social activities, the movement of the body, and the quality of one’s performance. See the below diagram.

Figure 1: Body and Aura

As shown in the figure above, the human body is equipped with an aura, which is a body of energy that is basically difficult to see. The human body exists as if overlapping with this aura, and the energy created by human consciousness flows through this aura (and at the same time flows inside the body), and it begins to move from the aura into the body over time.

For instance, if you think that “I cannot do it after all,” the energy from this thinking is generated inside the body as shown in the below figure.

Figure 2

Therefore, how to use consciousness (how to keep it) is very important. Even if it is not visible, what is created by consciousness has a big influence on the state of the body, the way of using consciousness, and the appearance of the phenomenon such as:

  • the state of the body:
    various symptoms, heaviness of the body and difficulty to move, etc.
  • the usage of consciousness:
    the anxiety regarding the future increases, etc.
  • the phenomenon:
    things do not go well, and the relationship with people does not improve

When various things happen in everyday life, in some cases, your inside may become unbalanced. Therefore, we will begin guiding you on using the “Heart Breathing Technique” which is useful as a method to stabilize consciousness.

Regarding Heart

The “heart” (described as Heart from here) refers to love itself, and the area (quality) of love. Heart has been within you since you were born, because of this, you can make use of Heart as one consciousness. Therefore, by aligning consciousness with each inner Heart, the energy of Heart will naturally be born (generated) inside the body. Here is a brief diagram to make it easier to visualize an image of Heart.

Figure 3

Heart is spreading as you use the consciousness of Heart as if radiating from the inside of the middle of the chest, as shown above. However, as you use the opposite (negative) consciousness against Heart, for example, sadness, anxiety, or anger, you may feel your Heart getting smaller. (As demonstrated below, the Heart we are guiding includes the Heart chakra)

Regarding the area of love that humans originally have

The usage of consciousness instantly leads you to the dimension of consciousness (frequency and the world you experience). If you experience sadness, the energy is instantly born inside the body, and the state of thought will also enter the dimension of sadness. However, if the state of consciousness changes to a stable one, the state of mind and body, or how to respond to and think of things, will also change to a better one.

And when your consciousness becomes a state of “love,” the energy of love (Heart) is created inside you, which naturally leads the mind and body to stability. That usage of consciousness is also something that humans have by nature and you can stay in the area (quality and frequency) of love, depending on the way you use consciousness. Using the consciousness of Heart in this way is very important and creates an essential foundation for living.

The action of the energy of Heart

Basically, the energy of Heart (wave of love) has the following effects:

  • Stabilize one’s consciousness
  • Adjust an unstable part and make one’s feelings positive
  • Make the state of consciousness moderate (relaxed state)
  • Make a stable foundation in work, social activities, and family life
    : To think, make, plan, talk, and advise something. And listen to others and improve the quality of one’s performance, etc. It brings a great sense of stability to each activity in daily life.

What is the Heart Breathing Technique?

“Heart Breathing Technique” is a method that circulates the energy with the breathing technique, which is generated inside the body by directing consciousness to each Heart and has a high ability to adjust.

The importance of the Heart Breathing Technique

As mentioned above, it is difficult to stabilize consciousness in everyday life because it can be affected very easily by various events. For example, when you are in an uneasy state, the whole mind and body may be enveloped by the energy of anxiety. Therefore, even if you want to switch to a stable consciousness (here, the consciousness of Heart), it will not work easily.

This is why we will guide you on how to stabilize the inner state by consciously using the Heart Breathing Technique. See the below diagram. 

Figure 4

This shows the state that negative consciousness is further amplified from the state of Fig. 2. and as a result, the body and the aura are enveloped by the energy generated by consciousness.

An inner state such as the above can give a bad influence on how to think, act, feel, and the contents of activities. However, by using the Heart Breathing Technique, the physical and mental condition is adjusted as shown in the figure below, and the body sensations become calmer, more relaxed, or lighter.

Figure 5

Basically, the Heart Breathing Technique is not something that can be acquired immediately once you learn it, but it takes a certain period in order to master it. Basically, those who take the class are guided to practice it every day for at least one month in order to acquire it.

That is because it is important to be able to use this breathing technique (which is the way of using stable consciousness) anytime, anywhere, and in addition, how to utilize it is infinite according to each activity.

What is the Heart Chakra?

There are seven main chakras inside a person, on the line connecting the top of the head and the crotch (perineum). These chakras are kinds of spheres that are hard to see but freely change their shape. Please refer to the below figure.

Figure 6

Chakras are places where energy comes in and out, and each of the seven has its own personality. And the fourth chakra inside the center of the chest is called the Heart chakra.

Basically, when you try to connect to your Heart, the Heart chakra will help you. In addition, even if it is not usually visible, the shape and size of the Heart Chakra that exists inside you change, for example as if it gets bigger little by little depending on the state of consciousness.

When can you use the Heart Breathing Technique?

◆When writing, thinking about catchphrases and composing poetry:
The state of consciousness stabilizes and you will be more likely to receive appropriate words from your own inside.

◆When creating a plan or idea:
You will be more likely to produce something better for yourself and those around you.

◆When work or things do not go well:
Your inside stabilizes and you will be more likely to naturally get the idea of how to proceed with it.

◆For family life, childcare, parenting, and marital relationships:
When you become anxious and get angry, by stabilizing yourself, troubles and unpleasant atmospheres between families decrease. It will become easier to find answers on what to do.

◆For athletes, performers, singers, actors, etc.:
Daily self-management, coordination, and recovery from injuries. It will become easier to find the cause of the slump. Your essential talents will become easier to appear. You can create stability in the real world, for instance, improve the quality of performance, etc.

◇For self-management and daily adjustments
◇When you want to clarify your path
◇When you want to receive the answer from your inner self
◇For one’s aging care

In addition, for the following content.

◇To discover your own talents
◇To realize your dream for the future
◇To make it easier to connect to the subconscious
◇To make the action of “mindfulness” more effective

Regarding the Subconscious

See the below diagram.

Figure 7

Basically, we are conveying that the following things exist in the subconscious.

  • Individual talent and characteristics
  • Blueprint of life
  • The wisdom you already know before you were born
  • Past emotions and trauma, etc.

When you are conscious of your Heart and spend more time in your daily life, interacting with your inner self will become a habit and you will be able to find essential parts of yourself that are deeply hidden inside. The Heart Breathing Technique is the essential and basic method for it.

For more information about the subconscious, please visit the following page:

: What is the subconscious?

We, Lionheart X Vision, can guide you on how to make use of the Heart Breathing Technique according to your needs, such as individual, each school, corporate training, group competition, etc. If you would like to take the course, please contact us on the Contact page. In addition, if those who belong to each group would like to consult us in advance, please refer to the Consultation in advance page.

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