Personal/Corporate counseling

Last updated: April 25, 2023

There are really so many talents inside every single person. The reason that each problem happen is also to know the talent or rich yourself.
However, when you are facing a problem, you may feel uneasy or tough. If you do not know how to solve it, please try counseling. The key to solve it is inside every single person. I receive the information deep inside every person and give you advice precisely.

I will support you with any problem widely: work, business management, romance, marriage, giving birth, parenting, human relationship, and so on.

*I have more than 4000 people in counseling history (in Japanese)

I recommend “Personal counseling and coaching” for those who do not know what kind of counseling or therapy to take in the following.

Personal counseling and coaching

I will guide you on how to solve or cope with your present worries or problems. According to the necessity, I will tell you a talent buried inside you and how to bring it out or give you long-term perspective guidance regarding business or life.


  • 60 minutes: 24,200 yen (tax included)
  • 90 minutes: 36,300 yen (tax included)
  • 120 minutes: 48,400 yen (tax included)

    *Extension is 6,050 yen (tax included) per 15 minutes.
    *Face-to-face or video call

Medicine Massage

I will give you a message through your body while doing a massage. The message works for your pain or symptoms because you can listen to and accept it in deep consciousness. Please take Medicine Massage in order to get daily “guidance” as well.


  • 30 minutes: 12,100 yen (tax included)
    20 minutes treatment + 10 minutes counseling
  • 45 minutes: 18,150 yen (tax included)
    30 minutes treatment + 15 minutes counseling
  • 60 minutes: 24,200 yen (tax included)
    40 minutes treatment + 20 minutes counseling

    *Face-to-face only

Advanced Energy Work Session

I will support you to adjust or heal tough trauma by combining counseling and advanced energy work. The energy work can make it possible to adjust the trauma lurking in the subconscious only in a one-time session, which is the part that can not be easily adjusted even if it takes several years. (For those who take my therapy for the first time, there might be cases that you can not take the sort of advanced energy work)


132,000 yen (tax included)
Required time: 60-120 minutes

Face-to-face or video call
(Business trip possible only in Japan)

Work Five

Work Five is the advanced energetic therapy done by utilizing acupuncture points of the meridian. The energy of Work Five works for acute pain difficult to treat, the deep part of the body and mind, and also the healing of trauma or emotion. The messages that can be recognized from your body have highly effective action, therefore, I give you the content. If the trauma buried in the subconscious is healed, your body and mind deeply get stabilized so that it will be easier to demonstrate your talent.


  • 60 minutes: 30,800 yen (tax included)
  • 90 minutes: 46,200 yen (tax included)

    *Extension: Same as counseling, 6050 yen (tax included) for every 15 minutes
    *Face-to-face or video call

If it is difficult to do face-to-face, please take counseling and therapies via video call. For those who live or are in Japan, you can take them face-to-face in Kawagoe, Saitama Prefecture, or on a business trip.

Video call: Skype, Google Meet, Zoom, Messenger, LINE

Introduction of my counseling technique

I basically do counseling by using the following techniques.

  • Channeling: the technique that receives appropriate messages for client through my Heart.
  • Reading: the technique that reads important information in the client’s subconscious etc. that are hard to see

Channeling is the technique of receiving messages through the Heart (that means the Heart chakra, here) Every single person has “spiritual beings who guide and watch over” and they are always leading and watching over us with love. And there is one’s true self (as soul) inside each person. I will receive messages from those beings.

Reading is the technique of reading or receiving the information existing in the subconscious. This technique is one that grasp the factor that the problem happens.

Why is the above possible?

An important thing is to use the Heart and here I will explain its characteristic. As described on other pages as well, Heart is love itself and that is equipped inside us since we were born.

Heart has the quality same as crystal. This is the crucial point.
To put it simply, That is characteristic of crystal used inside smartphones, watches, and automobile control units. By making use of a crystal (oscillator) in a smartphone, a stable frequency with high accuracy can be maintained, and because of this, calls or emails with other people can not be mixed.

As the above figure, ”Heart” which has the same quality as a crystal is equipped inside us. 
The reason that I make use of Heart is precisely to receive and send messages (needed information etc.) in the frequency of “Love” the same as crystal.

It can be thought that the same thing happens in your daily life. The things that your family or co-worker are thinking transmit, or as you look at those who are not feeling well, you can recognize it through your sense and so forth.

The explanation is getting a little long, but, I use the technique of Channeling or Reading inside the consciousness of Heart so that I can receive appropriate messages or information for those who take counseling.

The techniques that anyone can use

The Heart such as a crystal rough stone exists inside anyone. Therefore, if you can keep on using your own Heart consciously as if polishing raw stone, it is possible to acquire the techniques such as the above. For those who actually want to make use of the techniques and do counseling or each therapy, I am guiding them to acquire the skills through the course.

*Channeling Course in English is still on the way to prepare. We will let you know when it starts.

You will get the convincible content

The content (messages etc.) that I convey to you will become the convincible one for anyone. The reason is that your true self who exists inside each person or the beings who are supporting you are trying to lead you with love who live daily life.

When worried about marriage life, work, or business management
When worried about a slump, injury, or physical malfunction and so forth

In your daily life, things such as a message may be sent to yourself, however, it is not easy to notice and deepen awareness of that if you do not get used to doing so.

Similarly, also the message that I receive may be sometimes a little difficult for people to understand for the first time. Therefore, through counseling, I guide you concretely and precisely so that you will be able to understand deeply the content and solve daily problems earlier.

Characteristics common to all course

  • I receive the necessary information (messages) for clients inside me and guide them while showing the content.
  • I write down counseling content and hand it over or send a PDF or scanned one by e-mail.
    The messages I wrote down + the counseling content
  • You can confirm the content again after counseling and use it in your everyday life.
  • In the case that you are worried about each symptom, you can understand the cause of why you have it.
    I can see through and convey the cause of the physical malfunction to you.

The message that I convey also has the action that adjusts the body and mind. It will work for the stability of the mind if you are worried or upset.

Regarding payment

Please pay by cash or bank transfer.
For those who are via video call, please pay in advance. For the details, please refer to the following.

Flow from application to counseling or therapies

Application from the ”Contact” page

This form is Japanese style. Please write your name and e-mail address in each box. After this, please write the following things in the “Regarding inquiry or application” box.

Regarding applications
Please specify the content of an application
・Counseling 90 minutes
・Medicine Massage 60 minutes

Regarding your desired date and time
Please write your desired date and time. It might be good to write a few candidates.

Regarding the payment method
Please specify the payment method.
Bank transfer or Cash (only face-to-face)?

In the case of choosing a bank transfer, please write each detail of A or B.
A: The currency that you choose
B: Directly sends money to our Japanese bank account


If you choose bank transfer and also in the case of using the following currencies, please write which currency you use.  You can pay in the same way as you send money to somebody in your country.


If there is no currency that you want to use in the above, please transfer money from your country’s bank to our Japanese account. 
In the case of this, refer to the ”Recommendation” on the “Payments” page.  The reason is that the normal way of sending money: ”SWIFT” etc. takes more time: 3 to 5 days or more than that till the arrival of the money., and also the commission tends to be high. In any case, we will let you know our Japanese bank account so that you can send money from your country. If you have any questions about payments, please contact us.

After filling the above contents in, please click the “送信する (Send)” button.

Please note that an automatic reply will be sent right after the inquiry, but the Japanese message is partially included in it, due to English not being our first language. 

We will also send e-mails with the address “○○@lionheart.” If you contact us on your smartphone, please make sure that you can receive the e-mails. Or right after inquiring, if you don’t receive the automatic reply mail, please be sure to check your spam or junk folder. 

After sending the automatic reply mail, the person in charge will send an English e-mail again in a day or so. We guide the specific date and time of counseling etc. and the detail regarding the chosen payment.

*In the case of face-to-face, you can also pay by cash on the day.

In the case of video call

Regarding the application of counseling etc. by video call, its application is completed when the payment is confirmed. As soon as we can confirm the payment, we will send you a payment confirmation email.

In the case of “A”, payment confirmation will normally be within a day. 
In the case of “B”, the time until payment confirmation varies depending on which way you use to send money, or countries or currencies. It might take 3 to 5 days or more than that.

You finally can take counseling on the desired day

We are sincerely looking forward to your application.
For applications or inquiries, please click the following “Contact” button.

Corporate counseling and consulting

For companies, now is the time of the crucial stage.
I suppose that you can feel to need to change direction when different kinds of themes appear.

・Which part to be modified in the company
・How to rebuild

I will certainly support you by deeply reading and observing your current situation and future direction so that you can go through the present situation or unravel the cause and modify it if there is a problem. 
I will give you counseling and consulting so that your company or organization will be a place where people (management and employees) grow up such as being mature and vigorous.
Please make use of our consulting when your company, team, and organization, are also worried about guidelines of management, human resource development, and so forth.

<Fees and hours>
Basic Fees: JPY100,000.00 (Extension every 30 minutes: +JPY30,000.00)
*Depending on the size of the organization, fees may vary. 

Hours: 90 to 120 minutes

You can receive the above counseling or therapy face-to-face or via video call:

Skype, Zoom, Google Meet, Messenger, LINE, and so on
It’s possible to receive counseling or coaching wherever you live in Japan or overseas.

We accept medium- to long-term advisory contracts upon request.
Please inquire, if you would like to apply for counseling and so forth.

>Thank you for visiting our web site.

Thank you for visiting our web site.

Please contact when you want to know about us or apply for our any lesson.