Work Five Course: Highly effective adjustment method for oneself

In this course, you will learn the technique of the “Work Five,” which is very useful not only for adjusting the mind and body but also for healing traumas and moreover, opening your latent talents. ”Five” of the “Work Five” means the “five major elements”: water, fire, air, earth, and wind. 
The “Work Five” is the technique that was invented so that the five major elements can be utilized as more effective and practical energy.

The ”Work Five Course” is roughly divided into two courses:

・Course to Learn for Yourself
・Therapist Course to Learn for Yourself and Others
 *As for the Therapist Course, we do not have the lecture in English at the moment. 

In addition, the “Course to Learn for Yourself” is divided into the following two.

・Work Five Simple Class:
 Learn the technique simply

Work Five Class:
 Learn the technique more deeply by taking the time

 *As for the Work Five Class, we do not have the lecture in English at the moment. 


Please look at the below pages in advance.

“Work Five Course” is placed as one of the “Applied Classes” that belongs to the “Outstanding Adjustment Method for oneself.” Advance guidance is already shown on these pages: what is “Work Five” or how to utilize it, etc. Those who have not read the contents yet, please look at the following pages in advance:

: Applied Class
: Advance Guidance for Work Five Course

※ Taking the “Basic Class” or learning the same contents in advance is a prerequisite for taking the “Work Five course.”

And please also take a look at the page: Lectures (Purpose of preparing each class). You will more easily understand other courses (classes), and the differences and connections with them.

Work Five Course for overseas people (Simple Course)

From here, we (Lionheart X Vision) will guide you through the basic content of the “Work Five Course”

The review of the “Basic Class” and regarding “Five elements”

First, You will review the content that you acquired in the “Basic Class” (about “Heart” and “Itsukushimi”) Next, you will learn about the five major elements that compose your body, which are the basics of the “Work Five Course.” Besides that, we will teach you how to take Five major elements into the body with an energetic state, without replenishing them as food.

To feel each five elements very close

You might be able to understand that five major elements are needed more than anything if you think that your body is mainly composed of those elements. Therefore, it is important to consciously take each element into the body. And you can make great use of them, for example, to heal your tired body, strengthen the body, and utilize them for anti-aging things.

As a first step, we will guide you to use the Heart Breathing Technique and fit your consciousness to every kind of five major elements. As a result, you will be able to take them into your body. Besides that, we suppose that you could feel those elements while doing the breathing technique, more sensuously than you expected.

To take energies into the body through tsubos

“Tsubos” (which has been used on acupuncture or acupressure), are just like the doorways of energies that are being throughout the human body. And first, you will learn how to take each element into the body through the entrances of energies by using skillfully your consciousness.

You can take them inside the body, without knowing the name and the position of the tsubos

In the “Work Five Course,” we teach you to be able to take energies into the body even if you don’t know the exact name and position of tsubos. Some people say “I’m not good at memorizing tsubos or meridian lines”, but there is no problem. By using your consciousness properly, you can take the energy of each into the body through tsubos.

What is the reason to make use of tsubos?

To put it simply, there are two main reasons. One is that a tsubo is like a very small hole and becomes the doorway that energies go through so that energies that you learn in this course can enter into the body through the point as if spinning. And due to the characteristics, energies can be sent to deeper points of the body and aura. 

Another reason is that there are a large number of tsubos that connect each other or shape meridian lines throughout the body. Therefore, each energy can be sent to deeper places such as various organs or the inside of the aura. In this way, by using tsubos, you can more easily penetrate the energies to the needed parts inside the body.

Importance to take five major elements inside

From a point of energetic view, the human body cannot exist without five major elements. Therefore, it can be said that if you tend to exhaust your energies because of thinking, acting, and other things, acquiring how to utilize these energies can be greatly helpful.

Of course, you can refill energy or make your body restore also by sleeping, taking a rest, and eating food. However, what we would like to guide you is that you are efficiently able to improve mental and physical imbalance by taking five elements into your body in the state of energy. And also it is possible to strengthen the body and improve your constitution.

Please refer to the below picture, which shows an image that taking five elements in a balanced way makes a stable mind and body.

The position of each element is not necessarily placed such as this. The picture especially shows the importance of taking five elements into the body for a well-balanced state.

As mentioned above, “Work Five” is the technique that was created to utilize five elements as more effective energies and is also the name of the method.

To learn “Work Five” in full scale with the basis of five major elements

As a next step, you will learn the basic concept of ” Work Five,” the new 4 kinds of energies and their usage. The main purpose is that you will be able to practically use the method of “Work Five” in every case of daily life and to adjust by yourself. The basic is the Heart Breathing Technique. And including the energy of “Itsukushimi,” you will be able to utilize 4 kinds of energies.

What are the 4 kinds of energies?
・The energy of “Itsukushimi”
・Work Five
・Light Body Work Five
・Elementary particle
※”Work Five is the name of this course (the method) and one name of these energies.

In this course, we will not take time in order to teach a large number of tsubos and each exact position, but teach some main tsubos so that you can use them as an entrance to take energies inside.

In addition, we surely guide you to be able to utilize the character of energies and enhance their effectiveness. However, it is also important to practice it repeatedly in everyday life. It is a quite specific technique though, you will be able to make use of the method of Work Five in your daily life, around the time this course ends.

Course content

◇Review the contents learned in the Basic Class
・Regarding each breathing technique of Heart and “Itsukushimi”
・Confirm to send the “Itsukushimi” energy to each part of the body and be able to effectively utilize it
◇Regarding the function of Heart that works as a disk to receive each energy (ist characteristic is called “Heart Receiving Disk”)
・Heart becomes the foundation to utilize energy
◇Know about Five elements: water, fire, air, earth, wind
・Understand each energy and learn how to utilize them
: We will hand you the technique to make use of energies in high density while leading you through the breathing technique.
◇Learn how to circulate energies through tsubo points
◇The general idea and theory of “Work Five”
・These energies are quite active.
・Learn 2 kinds of energies:
-Work Five
-Light Body Work Five
・Learn about the principle of elementary particle
◇Learn simply the positions of some main tsubos
・Learn the method to take 4 kinds of energies inside the body through tsubos with the breathing Technique: “Itsukushimi” energy, Work Five, Light Body Work Five, and elementary particle.
◇Besides that, you also learn how to take energies inside without through tsubos.
◇We guide you on how to utilize the technique of the “Work Five” according to each necessity.
◇Learn to adjust your deep side, and eventually, draw out your talent, ability, and beauty inside you
・Learn the structure of the body: regarding the three layers (“physical body,” “emotional body,” and “higher consciousness body”), etc.
-The relation between the body and emotion (thought, feeling, etc.)
・Learn briefly about the anatomy of the body

How to proceed with the class

We will give you lectures once or twice a month and assignments for each student at every lecture. If you practice the contents of the lectures in your daily life, you will be able to acquire the above methods. Daily life is a place where you utilize the method that you learn. Please go forward at each pace.

You can take lessons in whichever face-to-face or video call: Skype, Zoom, Google Meet, Messenger, LINE, and so on. It’s possible to take the lectures wherever you live in Japan or overseas.

Tuition fee and class hours

Group lecture more than 3 JPY852,000.00/22 hours 
Individual lecture JPY1,154,000.00/20 hours

※When you learn in an individual lecture, class hours are reduced because you can learn faster than in a group lecture. The contents of learning are the same.

<Learning period>
About 8~11 months

Regarding the fee that you paid

If you quit the class on your way, at the time when you would tell us about your decision we will calculate the remaining fee and pay back you a third of the left fee. The reason is that we take time and work for you to prepare and guide the class. We hope you could understand that.

If you want to apply to this course or for more details, please feel free to contact us.
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