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My name is Hiroki Inoue and Lionheart X Vision Representative. I started “Lionheart” 14 years ago. First, let me introduce our essential work simply.

Things I have taught in Japan

Origin of heart

When we are in a state of heart-mind, we sympathize with the heart (love-mind) of the universe that is expanding throughout the whole universe. This is an origin of our heart that includes heart mechanisms.

About “Istukushimi” and Heart mind

“Itsukushimi” is a state of love that woman(female) creates.
We are love makers. When we, our thought or mind, are in a state of love, we are naturally connecting to a source of love. And a wavelength of love in the universe can be easily accessible to our heart-mind. This is the first category I want to explain

I said earlier Itsukushimi is a state of female’s love, though this is not unusual in mankind. Male has the existence of female in themselves, that means they have both elements of male and female, too. For example, when we hold a baby, we are naturally able to feel something warm that comes out from our inside. I usually explain this as Itsukushimi energy. I’m introducing people to this kind of energy that is Istukushimi in classes and my published books.

Mechanism of Istukushimi

This energy has very useful and specific mechanisms. When our mind is unstable and emotionally down, by technically using the energy of Istukushimi, we can get away from a state of unbalance, and technically speaking, solve the emotional phenomenon you have. That is because the energy of Istukushimi has an effect and function that dissolves an emotion and adjusts things that are in a state of unbalance, such as relationships between people, and so forth.

Keeping proper intention

A meaning of intention I want to explain here includes being in states of some consciousness, for example having kinds of emotion and a thinking state. However, the point I want to focus on is an importance of proper intention. Intention (being in a state of consciousness) increases things, for example, depression associated with sadness and increases sadness itself, and therefore we emotionally feel down more deeply. Otherwise, by keeping our intention on our heart or in other words a state of heart-mind, we are filled with plenty energy of heart-mind.
I would like to explain and expand the importance of heart all over the world. Heart (when our mind is in a state of love or heart, the energy of heart permeates throughout our physical and psychological field), will be able to be useful and effective in many areas(fields), sports, family, for creative activities and so on.

I’m teaching these things in Japan.

Stable minds of our heart bear effective results in numerous activities. Because if we keep our mind connected to our heart, we are properly able to get intuitions and think, besides that energy held within our heart works effectively and substantially towards things in our lives.

You can learn these methods in “Basic class”

This is the most basic one in our different kinds of programs. 
Basically, in order to master this first course, it takes about three to four months and time to learn in this class is in total 8 to 9 hours (For example, I will give you a 90 or 120 minute-lesson a time. In such a case, the lesson fee would be in total about US$1,200). The fee differs depending on which country you take my lessons (in Japan or your own country). You can also take lessons by using the live website. In this case, an extra fee for the personal lesson would need to be paid. (in total about US$2,100)

Breathing techniques
I teach heart breathing techniques, using several kinds of intention on our heart- consciousness. Using intention on our heart mechanisms can create plenty of effective energy. This was mentioned previously when I talked briefly about it. However, there are also other kinds of methods to use intention to harness energy besides Itsukushimi, for example, “elementary particle” or “Energetic Medicine”(as originally created by Lionheart X Vision).

These kinds of things mentioned above are the first step that I’m teaching in Japan.

And Once after learning the heart’s mechanism and the effectiveness of Istukushimi, people can learn more specific, and advanced methods and technics. In the following paragraphs, I will introduce several of them.

Advanced classes

1. Channeling start class

– To get messages from spirits or through your body field

Getting messages is a kind of daily matters that might happen to everybody. However, many of them might happen to us without (when we have no) expectation. What I want to explain here is not only unexpectedly getting messages, but intentionally doing it. I usually teach students how to get messages in a state of heart-mind. Putting our mind on our heart is to create a state of mind intentionally and continuously. This is the best way to create a mechanism that not only allows us we get messages, but to also have a great time in our daily lives.

2. Medicine Massage class

– This method uses a higher quality of voice sound
This is the usage of voice sound that improves our minds because of being at higher wavelengths. Our thinking will be changed, by for example, with words including heart-mind’s voice sound (Istukushimi and so forth). We are using this method when we do massage for people. For example, if we do-massage by keeping our consciousness on our heart, we often get many important messages.
In such a situation, I can hear messages through a client’s body. And I tell those messages with higher qualities of wavelength. Therefore, clients can more easily accept messages and as a result, the body’s pain will disappear. In addition, they can get more effective results in their daily life, from work, playing sports or music. 

Transformation of consciousness is done by messages from the body’s field which are spoken and clients understand the meaning. That is why our body’s pain is released. Therefore, giving messages and a higher quality of voice sound can be medicine. This is the reason I named this method“Medicine Massage”. 

A more gentle voice sound will be effective on our mind or under subconsciousness field. It is not only positively speaking out what we get from clients body’s field, but it is necessary to use the useful and effective voice sound in order for clients to be able to change their mind. I will teach you this method and mechanism, for those who live overseas, too.  

Basically, in order to master this method, it takes about one year. (For example, I will give you a three-hour lesson a month, ten to twelve times. In such a case, the lesson fee would be intotal about US$5,000). The fee differs depending on which country you take my lessons (in Japan or your own country).

This method can effect on the subconsciousness field. Therefore, for example, if you are a therapist, this method might benefit some of your clients such as athletes, so that they may perform better in their games. That is because they can change their mind and as a result, their ability can naturally be brought out. Awakening or changing your mind under a subconscious field is very important in the sports world or in our daily lives. 
This is why I want to introduce this method to the world of sports and any other therapies. You can smoothly combine this new method with many different kinds of therapies, sports massage or body works you have already learned.

3. Using higher quality of energies

If you want to harness higher quality of energies, you need sensitively to use your intention in a state of clear and stable mind. Though I created the means how to harness, especially “Light Body Work Five’” and “Light Body Energetic Medicine”, when we use these energies, it’s very important to use sensitively our intention. In our daily lives we are in a state of usual mind (though it’s not a bad thing,), but putting our consciousness on our heart-mind, makes us easily accessible to higher dimensions and leads us to use higher qualities of various kinds of energies. Therefore, when you use different types of sensitive energies, it is important to be sensitive and stable by using the heart-breathing technique and so forth. 

Light Body Work Five class
You can learn this method only in Japan, due to the large amount of information that you would be required to learn.

Light Body Energetic Medicine class
I can go to your country and teach you how to use this method, only for those who use this method for yourself. For therapists, you can learn only in Japan, due to various techniques and skills that you would be required to learn as a therapist. 

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Thank you for visiting our web site.

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