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Last updated: April 26, 2023

The meaning of “Lionheart X Vision”

This name has the meaning of “You can grasp unknown answers or vision for the future when turning your consciousness to the Heart.”


Hello everyone!
I am Hiroki Inoue and representative of Lionheart X Vision.
I was at a crossroads in my life when I was 26 years old.  I started to go to a vocational school of manipulative treatment (shiatsu therapy) and qigong. After graduating from the school, I worked in orthopedics for five years and learned Western medicine. And I became independent at the age of 33, however, I did not even think that what was waiting for my life.

After that, every day is a day of research to the present. The important matter in our business at present, are the following 3.

  • Guide people so that they can use the “Heart (refer to the guide below)” inside every single person consciously in everyday life.
  • Guide people so that they can grasp answers from the inside of themselves.
  • Guide people so that they can win what they really want to do.

There are many things inside each person: new ideas or inventions, or even if that is a small thing, the method that oneself or people around become easier to live. It can be thought that the more they get out and are made use of, the more our society becomes an easier environment to live in.
We have been studying and developing various methods so that people can be as themselves in their life, or demonstrate fully their characteristics or talents lying inside. The way that we walked actually has been taking more than 20 years, however, we feel like it is also in the blink of an eye.
We will continue to guide many people as follows so that different kinds of techniques can be helpful for them.

Established techniques

  • Heart Breathing Technique:
    The breathing method to stabilize the state of the mind and body
  • The technique of asking oneself
    The method to get answers inside oneself
  • How to use the consciousness of “Itsukushimi” and its breathing technique:
    The methods for adjusting and healing emotions and traumas
  • The technique of “Counseling I Am”:
    How to use consciousness to unravel oneself
  • The two techniques to generate and utilize highly effective energies inside the body:

    Work Five
    This technique is developed one for efficiently utilizing the five major elements (fire, water, earth, wind, and air) inside the body which are the main components of the body.

    Energetic Medicine
    This technique is a wider range of use and one to generate and utilize the highly effective energies inside the body by using the consciousness of Heart. 
  • Medicine Massage:
    The technique that conveys an important message to the person who taking massage

By using the above techniques, I have been unraveling and establishing my true self as well. My real experience is shown on the page “What is the subconscious?”.

Regarding “Heart” and “Itskushimi”


Heart is “love” itself and equipped inside every single person since you were born.  That can be the foundation for all daily activities: household, childcare, work, study, the realization of dreams, and so on. In addition, it can be said that Heart is the mind (consciousness) that stabilizes and fills oneself.
You may often feel as if you were separated from love in daily life, however, it never happens that the richness that is Heart would have gone from each inside.
Therefore, we, Lionheart X Vision (LXV), guide people so that they can consciously use the Heart equipped inside each person and can be themselves shining.

Reference: Basic Class


“Itsukushimi” that LXV guides is, to put it simply, “love that the quality of women create”, which has the action that adjusts and calms negative emotion. And man can also create and use “Itsukushimi” because there is the quality of women inside men as well.
The “Itsukushimi” breathing technique introduced on this homepage is one developed in order to circulate the love of “Itsukushimi” inside oneself.

What is necessary for stability and continuity

The quality of women has the element of “accepting” and “nurturing”, and on the other hand, the quality of men has the element of “creating or shaping things” and “putting out”.
And, in the age from now on, the quality of women will be more essential to stabilize the structure of society. That is the exactly same as stabilizing the inside of each person.
By pouring the quality of feminine love (“Itsukushimi”) exactly into an unstable part, or in the case of a company, appointing such a human resource (the person who can make a direction while accepting the things around), individuals and organizations will be able to continue more stable activities or management.

Reference: What is “Itsukushimi”?: The form of love that feminine quality bears

We, LXV, systematically and theoretically have established practical techniques based on our own experiences and are providing them through our business. We guide you about Heart, love, and “Itsukushimi,” but we have no relation with any religion.

Introduction of business 

Company name: Lionheart X Vision

Representative: Hiroki Inoue

Location: Kawagoe City, Saitama Prefecture, Japan
Phone number:81-49-224-9445 (“81” is the country code of Japan)

Established: February 2007

Business Contents

  • Lectures and corporate training for human resource development
  • Lectures for athletes
  • Lectures for therapists and trainers
  • Counseling and coaching for individuals and companies
  • Writing articles and publishing books

Publishing business

On Heart Publications 

□ January 16, 2021 

Heart Medicine
How to Use Consciousness to Unravel Yourself 
Practice Guide of Heart and “Itsukushimi“ The basics of Counseling I Am.

Fixed Price  JPY 2,700.00 + Tax

※This book is written in Japanese and has not yet been translated into any other languages.

For more information about the book, click here (Only in Japanese)

Inquiries about purchases are accepted by e-mail.

On Heart Publications’ books are not currently distributed in bookstores, so please contact us using the inquiry form when purchasing. Please contact us from the inquiry form, when bookstore officials, etc. also inquire about purchases.

Other publishers

□ “The Method of ‘Heart’ to Get Answers from the Symptoms of the Body” has published in December 2021. ( Galaxy Books, Japanese only)
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