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About Lionheart

Last updated: August 6, 2022

Hiroki Inoue’s History of Research: until the Establishment of Lionheart X Vision

In my late 20s, working as an electrical worker, I decided to go to a vocational school of manipulative treatment (shiatsu therapy) and qigong at night.

After graduating from the school, I worked in orthopedics for five years, was in charge of dozens of treatments a day, and focused on the study of treatments to efficiently restore physical and mental functions. On the other hand, I came to recognize the existence of invisible energy through qigong and other things.

After becoming independent in 2007, I established “Lionheart.” After that, I came to continuously deepen the interaction with my true self and naturally search for the “Heart.” And finally, I came to realize that Heart is love itself and the consciousness of love (described as Heart from here).

And moreover, I established the method to grasp the answers for solving problems in everyday life through Heart. Using this method cultivated through my experience, I have continued counseling and coaching different kinds of clients for more than a decade.

At the same time, based on my experience, I have been concretely conveying “how to use consciousness that affects the mind and body.” In addition, after guiding various methods to many clients, eventually, I established the “Technique to Unravel oneself deeply.”

In 2017, the company name was changed to “Lionheart X Vision.”
By including in the name the meaning that “putting consciousness on your Heart, you can get unknown visions (answers),” I decided to spread the importance of “Consciousness of Heart” to the world.

Research contents

  • The technique to bring out the individuality and talents within a person
  • “How to use consciousness” to live a stable and fulfilling life
  • The technique to heal emotions and traumas lurking inside a person

Established techniques

  • Heart Breathing Technique:
    The breathing method to stabilize consciousness and mental and physical state
  • How to use the consciousness of “Itsukushimi” and its breathing technique:
    The methods for adjusting and healing emotions and traumas
  • The technique of “Counseling I Am”:
    How to use consciousness to unravel oneself
  • The techniques on how to generate highly effective energy inside the body
    : Work Five
    The developed method for efficiently utilizing the five major elements (fire, water, earth, wind, and air) inside the body which are the main components of the body

    : Energetic Medicine
    The method to generate and utilize the highly effective energies inside the body by using the consciousness of Heart, which has a wider range of use
  • Medicine Massage:
    That is the method to convey valuable messages received from their body to those who receive treatment. The conveyed message brings changes in the recipient’s state of consciousness or awareness, which directly connects adjustment or recovery of mind and body.

Management Philosophy

Pillars of business 

Heart is love itself. Every single person has the Heart inside since you were born and it can be the foundation for all daily activities: household, childcare, working, study, and Realization of dreams. In addition, it can be said that Heart is a consciousness that stabilizes and fills oneself.
You may often feel as if you were separated from love, however, it never happens that the richness that is Heart would have gone from each inside.
Therefore, we, Lionheart X Vision (LXV), guide on the Heart that is one and only existing inside oneself so that you can always follow it in everyday life and each of you can be yourself shining.

As a business policy, for the time being, we will actively continue to support athletes. That is because we believe that our approach to athletes on the front lines will have a positive impact on many people. 

The significance of utilizing Heart

・Developping into a conflict due to the difference in senses
・Discrimination is caused due to the difference in appearance
・It begins to show power to each other by the reason counterpart has things that you do not have
At this moment, if every single person learns how to use consciousness that comes back to the calm feeling, developing into a huge incident come to reduce. The wounds left inside people also come to be fewer. It can be said that the above is the same as in family, working place, school, society, and also among countries.

In addition, different kinds of things happen in everyday life. Therefore, it may be difficult to continuously have a stable mind. Depending on the person, various emotions such as anger and anxiety may emerge through things that happen around you (influenced by the words and actions of people). 
It can be said that the reason that these happen is that there is a “certain law” inside you. That is a kind of principle that is “there is hope inside you that your original self has and everyday life is going on in order to fulfill its hope.”

Depending on the purpose, you may have to face very difficult things in order to realize the hope. This time is when Heart is needed. The reason is that past emotions lurking inside appear through daily events in order to look back past experience. 
When past emotions emerge, the inner state come to be very unstable, therefore, how to use stable consciousness is needed. That is the reason that we, LXV, are conveying the Heart Breathing Technique to people at the beginning.

The quality of women dissolves emotions

“Itsukushimi” that we guide is, simply put, the shape of love with the quality of women. Because there is also the quality of women within men, of course, men also naturally have the quality of love of “Itsukushimi.” And due to the research of long term, we found that “Itsukushimi” has the work of healing and adjusting emotions lurking in the subconsciousness. It can be thought that that is possible because the feminine love of “Itsukushimi” is warm, and can accept various things (person’s feelings, etc) and calm them down. The breathing technique of “Itsukushimi” guided on this website is the method established in order to consciously take the quality of “Itsukushimi” into the body.

“Itsukushimi” is necessary even for a body of steel

No matter how strongly you train your body, if anxious feelings come over you, you can not have the result that you want. Such as this, emotions or traumas can give a significant influence on your daily activities. 
No matter how much love your parents pour out and nurture you, you may be depressed or hurt in your life because in many cases, love is missing. 
However, past emotions lurking in the subconscious emerge again in the wake of everyday events in each life.  The main reason is for “regaining your true self” and “living further fulfilling life” eventually by adjusting (healing) the wounds with your own hands.

Therefore, noticing signs (emotional reactions) appearing from the inside is crucial. If you can pour love by yourself into the part where love has been missing, you can live a smooth life. On the other hand, if you do not notice or accept signs that appear within you, you may not be able to live the life you want, such as doing the same thing repeatedly in your life. However, when you notice signs, you can transform your life anytime. The important thing is to keep your pace without being rushed and live your life because you have a suitable pace for each.

May each person’s life be stable and shining.
With this philosophy, we have launched the business of Lionheart X Vision.

Introduction of business 

Company name: Lionheart X Vision

Representative: Hiroki Inoue

Location: Kawagoe City, Saitama Prefecture, Japan
Phone number:81-49-224-9445 (“81” is the country code of Japan)

Established: February 2007

Business Contents

  • Lectures and corporate training for human resource development
  • Lectures for athletes
  • Lectures for therapists and trainers
  • Counseling and coaching for individuals and companies
  • Writing articles and publishing books

Publishing business

On Heart Publications 

□ January 16, 2021 

Heart Medicine
How to Use Consciousness to Unravel Yourself 
Practice Guide of Heart and “Itsukushimi“ The basics of Counseling I Am.

Fixed Price  JPY 2,700.00 + Tax

※This book is written in Japanese and has not yet been translated into any other languages.

For more information about the book, click here (Only in Japanese)

Inquiries about purchases are accepted by e-mail.

On Heart Publications’ books are not currently distributed in bookstores, so please contact us using the inquiry form when purchasing. Please contact us from the inquiry form, when bookstore officials, etc. also inquire about purchases.

Other publishers

□ “The Method of ‘Heart’ to Get Answers from the Symptoms of the Body” has published in December 2021. ( Galaxy Books, Japanese only)
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