Athlete Basic Course

By incorporating what you learn in this course into your daily training repeating more than tens of thousands of times, you will be able to create many effects:

◇Daily mental adjustments
◇Performance improvement
◇Getting daily guidelines
◇Early recovery of injuries and early escape from a slump
◇Bring out more talent, etc.

* This course is open not only to athletes but also to sports instructors and workers.

First, we will briefly guide you on what you will learn in this course, and after that, explain how what you learn in the course will work.

Learning content

1. Acquiring Heart Breathing Technique and how to use the consciousness of Heart
2. Basic daily management using Heart Breathing Technique
– Knowing how to adjust mind and body. Acquiring the ability to sense various symptoms, including fine ones.

3. Acquiring how to interact with the inner “true self”
– Preventing injuries and speeding up recovery from injuries and escape from a slump. Interacting with yourself and getting more useful guidance.

4. Deepening the understanding of “Itsukushimi” and making sure to utilize Breathing Technique of Itsukushimi

For more information on Heart Breathing Technique, see the following pages
: Effectiveness and mechanism of Heart Breathing Technique

“Itsukushimi” is Japanese and means a kind of love.
For more information about it, please see the following page.
: Making full use of the action of Itsukushimi (this page will be forthcoming)

There are two important points to learn in this course:

◆ As a basic management method of mind and body, incorporate Heart Breathing Technique in daily life (the contents of No.1 and 2)
By incorporating Heart Breathing Technique as a basic management method for the mind and body on a daily basis, it becomes easier to sense and detect various symptoms (discomfort, mild pain, bodyweight) that occur in the body.

◆ Interacting with yourself through various symptoms that appear in the body, finding solutions to different kinds of things (the content of No.3)
By using the method of dialogue, you will know why the symptoms are appearing and understand what you are looking for.

To sense and understand various symptoms (messages) from the body.

This is a very important point. That is because it is a message that comes from within yourself, and it becomes a “solution to future guidelines and correction points” depending on how you perceive it. We will briefly guide the flow of sensing various symptoms and turning them into awareness as future guidelines below.

The flow of dialogue with oneself

Sensing symptoms that appear through the body


Doing Heart Breathing Technique, adjusting your inner state, and interacting with your inner self


Through dialogue, you can be aware of information from the body and obtain guidance

By going through this flow, the following contents can be possible:

◇ The movement of the body will be better than ever.
This is because the state of consciousness and the movement of the body are closely related. Awareness changes the state of consciousness, which affects the movement of the body. ”Consciousness” here refers to thinking, feeling, having emotions such as anxiety and regret, and the state of consciousness after deepening awareness.

◇ Speeding up recovery from injury and revival from a slump.

◇Awareness greatly affects how to practice, the challenging new training methods, and how to use consciousness during matches.

The reason of learning “Itsukushimi” 

For mental and physical stability 

Various emotions are hidden in the subconscious, and they emerge in everyday life, triggered by an opportunity. This can make it difficult to control your mental balance and to move your body as usual. The reason is that, as I mentioned earlier, the state of mind (emotion) is closely related to the body.

What is “Itsukushimi”?

“Itsukushimi” has the effect of adjusting emotions born in the body.

And you can create “Itsukushimi” as one energy in the body and treat it to stabilize the mind and body.

In the course, we will guide you in the following order.

1. Learn how to Heart Breathing Technique: The breathing method will allow you to create a stable state of consciousness.

2. Based on your Heart, doing Breathing Technique of “Itsukushimi” and acquiring the technique of creating the energy of “Itsukushimi.”

3. In order to adjust mind and body, acquiring the skills to utilize the energy of “Itsukushimi.”

For example, in the case of the following, you use Breathing Technique of “Itsukushimi” to adjust the mind and body.

  • Anxiety comes to mind as an actual game approaches
  • Being nervous in a variety of things
  • Hoping to escape from a slump or not able to play the best due to inner unbalanced state

If you combine and use the learning content of NO. 1 to 4, you will be able to:

◆ Make it easier to maintain a moderate consciousness and a stable state of mind and body
The above is very important because the state of consciousness usually has a big influence on the quality and expressiveness of play (especially when doing the actual performance).

◆ Gradually draw out the talents, qualities, and individuality buried in the subconscious
I think these contents will become even more important for athletes in the future.

Be able to make use of what you have learned in various aspects of your life

The content of this course will also be useful after graduating from the athlete. Life is a series of choices. Please make use of the “usage of consciousness”, “method of dialogue”, “Heart Breathing Technique”, and “Breathing Technique of ‘Itsukushimi’” cultivated with daily practice in all aspects of life.
In that sense, it can be said that the content of this course has the aspect of human growth and education through sports.

Regarding “Applied Class”: Acquiring how to utilize highly effective energy 

We will also propose “Advanced Classes” as guidance after completing the Athlete Basic Course. Along with Heart Breathing Technique, we will guide you on how to handle various energy (which can be created by the use of consciousness) in order to further adjust the mind and body and strengthen the body.

Guidance according to different kinds of teams and organizations

If you have any requests to create your own content, please contact us. It is possible to create an original one according to the purpose of teams or groups such as high schools and universities, various organizations, and corporations.

Course Content 

The structure of the body
– Why is the influence of consciousness on the body so large?

Concept about Heart
– Learning Heart Breathing Technique: simple adjustment method

In order to deal with feelings such as uneasiness that emerges
– Introduction about “Itsukushimi”
– Learning how to adjust by using Breathing Technique of “Itsukushimi”

* You will learn the same content in the Basic Class about Heart and “Itsukushimi”.
For more information, see the Basic Class page.

Basics of Counseling I Am: Learning how to interact with yourself
– Methods for getting to know yourself
– Understanding the cause of the emotions that emerge
– Learning the process of healing and how it greatly affects performance
– Method of questioning
: with “Heart Breathing Technique” and “Breathing Technique of ‘Itsukushimi’”
・Increasing your ability to sense each symptom of the body (even a little discomfort) and interacting with yourself
・Solving the cause that each symptom and discomfort and pain of the body appear, and aiming to recover the body

* For details of the basic edition of Counseling I Am, please refer to the counseling I Am Class page.

Regarding how we proceed with the class

We will give you lectures once or twice a month and assignments for each student at every lecture. If you practice the contents of the lectures in your daily life, you will be able to acquire the above methods. Daily life is a place where you utilize the method you learn. Please go forward at each pace.

You can take lessons in whichever face-to-face or video call.
The video calls are Skype, Zoom, Google Meet, Messenger, or LINE, and so on. It’s possible to take the lectures wherever you live in Japan or overseas. Regarding the class form

Course fee, time, period

<Tuition fee and class hours>
Group course for 3 or more people: JPY382,000.00 / 21 hours 
One-on-one course: JPY652,000.00 / 18 hours

* You can also pay by a split.
* In the case of one-on-one, the course time is reduced because the progress of the lecture is faster than the class of multiple people, but the content that you learn is the same.

<Course period>
About 7 months

Regarding the fee that you paid

If you quit the class on your way, at the time when you would tell us about your decision we will calculate the remaining fee and pay back you a third of the left fee. The reason is that we take time and work for you to prepare and guide the class. We hope you could understand that.

For other details, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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