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Guidance of each course

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For all people: Basic Class

Learn the technique to utilize highly effective energies: Applied Class

Learn the technique to unravel oneself: “Counseling I AM” Advanced Class

For Women (Special Course for Women)

For working adults (Blue Sky School)

For athletes and those who are involved in sports

For therapists

List of courses and expenses

The purpose of preparing each class

How to use consciousness to unravel oneself 

“What kind of existence is my true self?”

Everyone might have had the above question in daily life especially when such a problem as you wanted to run away from appeared in front of you, or when your mind and body got sick.

In a sense, such a time is a great chance to get to know yourself, because the answer that no one else can solve exists within yourself.

Living life is also a journey to get to know oneself. It takes time and needs experience for each person to unravel oneself in life. In other words, life will go on to know oneself and the timing to solve the problems will appear sooner or later.

That is why we, Lionheart X Vision, are guiding “the technique to interact with oneself” as basic, and besides that, “the technique to adjust and unravel oneself.”

These techniques are divided into three configurations, called the “Outstanding Adjustment Method for oneself.” In each class, you can learn various techniques and adjustment methods according to the needs of the individual.

1. In the “Basic Class”, you will learn about “Heart” and “Itsukushimi.”
To be able to use “Heart” within consciousness practically, not only to know about it
・ Preparation of interacting with yourself, putting consciousness on one’s Heart
・How to use one consciousness called “Itsukushimi,” and preparation to utilize it as energy inside the body

2. In the “Applied Class”: Medicine Course and Work Five Course, you will learn how to generate and utilize various kind of energies that reinforces the above content.

3. In the “Counseling I Am” Advanced Class, you will learn how to unravel yourself.
Accepting your original splendor within yourself:
・Experience what you want
・Express certainly the ability that you have inside
・Live an elegant life that suits you

The content that we are guiding here is also a new project to demonstrate the “dignity” inside everyone. “Dignity” is something precious and wonderful that should be protected, and a figure of your true self.

 “Outstanding Adjustment Method for oneself” and other courses combining the elements

Figure 1
  • First, you will learn the “1. Basic Class: Learn about Heart and ‘Itsukushimi'” that is the foundation of everything. 
  • If you want to learn both of the contents of “2‐① or ②. Applied Classe” and “3. the basics and the second half of Counseling I Am”, you can learn first whichever you want to. 
  • After completion of “4. Blue Sky School”-”6. Athlete Basic Course,” you can transfer to “3. The second half of Counseling I Am” or also learn the contents of “2-①②. Applied Class.”

Differences and what to aim for in each course 

Next, we will focus on the following and guide each course.

  • What do you learn in each course?
  • What can you deal with by learning them?
  • How difference is there for counseling yourself between 1 and 3?

What we aim for in “1. Basic class: Learn about Heart and ‘Itsukushimi'”

  • Mastering the Heart Breathing Technique and the “Itsukushimi” Breathing Technique
  • Learning the method of interacting with oneself

By using the above techniques, you can utilize them to grasp the answers you want in your daily life.

When discomfort appears in the body or when you are worried about direction, it is important to ask “what to do” in the consciousness of Heart (using the Heart Breathing Technique).

By continuously having a dialogue with yourself in this way, you will be able to receive “daily guidelines” from your inside. For example, you will be able to correct how to use consciousness and how to act, and also able to improve relationships with people close to you and daily problems in a better direction.

If you are conscious of your Heart and live your life, you can improve each quality of them as follows:

・Life in general
・Choice of words: even when writing sentences, saying something in person, and making other people laugh
・Performance: improving expressiveness
・Calming down and increasing efficiency, at the time of study and learning foreign languages, etc.
・Improving the quality and efficiency of work

Figure 2

Also, acquiring the “Itsukushimi” Breathing Technique in this class is also a preparation for moving on to “Applied Class” and “Counseling I Am advanced Class.” The energy of “Itsukushimi” can be utilized widely for mental and physical adjustment because it has the effect to heal and adjust emotions. Therefore, this content is useful in many aspects of everyday life and is also essential for taking other courses.

“2. Applied Class: Learn how to utilize highly effective energy”

In Applied Class, you will learn how to handle highly effective energy by making use of what you have already learned in Basic Class.

Basically, the body is originally made of energy: for example, elements, elementary particles, love, consciousness, etc. Over time, such energy as it is hard to recognize whether it exists or not gradually acts on the body and mind, the state of consciousness, and future events.

In a sense, this is similar to the principle that what you are thinking becomes a reality.  Even if it is not visible to you, things created by consciousness (something energetic) affect phenomena and materialization.

The reason we created this Applied Class is to deal with many things in your daily life. For example, it often happens to be difficult to deal with emotions and traumas that emerge from deep inside the body only with the energy of “Itsukushimi.” At such time, several kinds of energies that you learn in the Applied Class are useful.

The applied classes are divided into two courses

  • Work Five Course: Acquire how to utilize more highly effective energies that has a wide range of use.
  • Medicine Course: Acquire how to utilize energies that handling is very simple and has a wide range of use.

For more details about each course, please refer to each page.

What is important in order to generate and utilize energy

First of all, you use the Heart Breathing Technique and make the inside of yourself stable. And then, by keeping your inner state stable and using appropriate intentions, you can generate and utilize those energies.

The important thing is to feel close to the Heart Breathing Technique and because of this, you can stabilize your inside at any time. This is also very important for utilizing other different kinds of energies.

What kind of things you can make use of energies for

  • Adjusting mental and physical instability and disorders.
  • You can utilize highly effective energies when you cannot deal with emotions and traumas emerging from the inside, especially by only “Itsukushimi” energy.
  • Recovering from fatigue, and beauty.

For those who want to make use of them in various fields such as athletes

  • Same content as above.
  • Strengthening the body and maintaining the stability of body and consciousness: Drawing out the original power and improving the quality of performance.
  • Speeding up recovery from injuries and escaping from the slump.

What we aim for in “3. Counseling I Am Class”

To guide you simply, “Counseling I Am” means “counseling yourself through what happens in daily life”

Basics of Counseling I am

  • Being aware of body signs
  • Focusing on what happens in daily life                           

First of all, the above two are important as a basis.
And in addition, what we aim for in this class is:

  • Deepening dialogue with yourself.

The way to solve daily matters by yourself

“Emotions and traumas of the past” in the subconscious often emerge because of all kinds of daily events, but at such times, you can deepen recognition for and heal them by using the method of “Itsukushimi.” This process is very important and will give you the opportunity to regain your true self. And you can find solutions for various things in a natural way.

Learn how to unravel yourself

Please refer to the below figure.

The diagrams below the line in figure 3 mean the “emotions, traumas, and memories” buried in the subconscious.

And the “size of people” depicted on the left side shows the “state of everyday life” that unconsciously lives in being obsessed with past experiences and emotions.

On the other hand, the person on the right looks very large and free. This is “your original self.”

We guide the technique of “Counseling I Am” so that everyone can mature and become this state.

Figure 3

The above figure is a simple guide, but in the subconscious, there are many past emotions, traumas, and unresolved problems that are difficult to grasp and look at.

However, in the deep area, there are cherry blossoms that you have not seen yet. There are individuality, qualities, talents, and life plan only that person can have, and they are looking forward to being experienced and achieved: marriage, childbirth, higher euphoria, maturity, agility, dream realization, business success, and so forth.

“Your original self” is a much larger existence beyond imagination. In order to live that shining life, you have many opportunities in daily life. When opportunities come around, even if you feel being hurt deeply by them, many opportunities appear in front of you because they are important to make yourself grow up.

There is a flow of life for each person, and you can learn a lot through that experience. But what is important is the courage to accept what is going on inside you. That is when the method of Counseling I Am that you learn in this class will be very useful.

The time when many problems happen to you is it is important to have a real dialogue with your true self, unravel the cause, and transform the reality: for example, when having a tough experience, denying yourself, thinking that I am bad. And if you’re an athlete, when you’re in a slump, getting injured, and not able to shine. The depth of learning through real-world experiences can be hard to be changed by anything. Please try to make use of what you will learn in this class in various aspects.

・If you have learned how to utilize energies in Applied Class, you can also make great use of the techniques for the method of “Counseling I Am.”

In “4. Blue Sky School” - “6. Athlete Basic Course,” how much you can acquire the above contents differs from the degree of practice in daily life. For more details, please refer to the “Counseling I Am Class” page.

The simple method of “Counseling I Am” (asking oneself inside), using the Heart Breathing Technique

My experience of being injured during a softball game

I felt pain in my calf while playing softball. Therefore, after returning home, I did Heart Breathing Technique and while doing it, I asked myself, “Why did I get injured?”

And I received the answer appearing from my inside and understood that my injury was not a coincidence, but due to the usage of my consciousness. In fact, I was playing without accepting the advice of my teammate.

Actually, how to use consciousness enormously influences one’s inner state. In short, if you do not use your consciousness as your real self hopes, the state of your inside energy can get imbalanced. It means that the state of consciousness can give a bad influence on the movement of the body or even make the circumstance of injury likely to be caused.

As illustrated above, if you can accept and deeply understand what you received, good change will naturally occur inside you. The reason is that the state of consciousness and the movement of energy in the body are closely related. Therefore, in this moment, it can be said that a good change can also appear in the improvement of symptoms.

You can practice the content guided here even after completing 【1. Basic class: learning heart and “Itsukushimi.”】

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