The energy that consciousness creates inside the body: Translation from the Japanese book “Heart Medicine

On this page, I introduce the translated sentences of my Japanese book “Heart Medicine – How to Use Consciousness to Unravel Yourself”. (p32 to p33; excerpt of a part of “Chapter 1 Regarding Heart”)

The energy that consciousness creates inside the body

Regarding how to use consciousness, I guide one example. For instance, you are doing a moral and right thing. However, if you have different feelings inside at the same time, that is also generated as energy and flows through the aura that is called the energy (astral) body.

The energy body is the body with a quality of energy and here, you can think that is the same with aura. Understanding the being of the energy body is also greatly important for knowing the system of the human body.

Please refer to the following figure.

It is the figure that feelings or emotions flow inside the body and influence the mind and body.

In the figure, it is shown that the energy generated by consciousness that you have flows in the layer of the emotional (astral) body which is one of the energy bodies.
The emotional body is an energy body in which emotions are recorded and stored. In the figure, that is drawn as if there is at the outside of the layer of the body, however, they exist in a way that is next to each other while having an overlapping part.

For example, if you continuously have feelings of “I don’t like it” and “I’m worried”, they will create something like a shadow in the layer of the emotional body. They also move into the layer of the body next to it and will appear as a small symptom after some time. Those who can sense the body delicately may feel a sense of discomfort appearing inside the body. In this way, what you feel unconsciously also can be generated inside as energy.

As mentioned earlier, the negative consciousness (mind) as above is basically created as an energy inside the body (aura) and greatly influences the motion of the body, how to see things, or actions after that.

Therefore, we, Lionheart X Vision, guide the “Heart Breathing Technique” first so that people can adjust the negative states. Its breathing technique is very effective for keeping a stable consciousness or adjusting unstable consciousness such as anxiety, anger, or loneliness. 

Please also refer to the following specific utilization of the “Heart Breathing Technique.

  • When you want to find out the solution to a problem inside yourself
    Get the answer for recovering from injury and a slump or worrying about work and relationships.
  • Before you start working
    If your mind is calm, your thoughts are organized and the efficiency of the work is improved.
  • When your feeling is down or irritated
    Help you make your state of mind stable on work or child-rearing.
  • Just before the performance, etc., for athletes, those who sing or playing
    For the motion of the body or the content to express, it brings a greater sense of stability.
  • For beauty
    The stabilization of consciousness gives a good influences the skin state surprisingly.

In addition, as an advanced version, you can use the consciousness of your Heart during the actual performance.

The case of the runner who runs a long distance
By using your Heart, if you can make your state of consciousness stabilize, the burden of the body disappears and you can run more smoothly. 
On the other hand, during the race or until just before it, if your state of consciousness is unstable, because of the generated energy inside, there is a big possibility that the effect of putting a load on the body appears. It can be thought that the longer the distance that you run is, the stronger its effect is.

This is a very crucial point. For those who can not demonstrate the power same as when they practice, especially, it can be thought that it is essential to adjust their inside. Things created by consciousness have a big influence on the state of mind or phenomenon (result). Please utilize this content on a daily basis because it can be made use of in any field.

For the details of the “Heart”, please see the following page.
What is the “Heart”: regarding the characteristics and function (will be forthcoming)

Those who need can learn the effective method to adjust the mind and body in the following classes.

Classes that you can learn the “Heart Breathing Technique”
Basic Class
Athlete Basic Course

For the following three, the translation from the Japanese page is not finished yet.
Blue Sky School (for working adults)
Specialized Course for Women
Sports Counseling

Heart Medicine
How to Use Consciousness to Unravel Yourself 
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