What is the subconscious?: for developing one’s talent

Regarding the subconscious

The self that you know in your daily life is only a small part of your true self. It is no exaggeration to say that it is the tip of the iceberg as shown in the below figure.

Some of you may think that “really!?”, however, one who you are recognizing in your daily life is a very small part of your true self as you can see in this figure.

Figure 1

The subconscious is simply a “hidden or lurking consciousness,” and it is also difficult to wholly understand it in everyday life. However, the subconscious contains the value and significance of one’s own existence.

Through my (Hiroki Inoue) own experiences, I have recognized that there are the following things in the subconscious:

  • Life blueprints
  • Individuality and talent
  • The wisdom you already know before you were born
  • Past emotions and traumas

The reason that I was able to grasp the above things is that I had been understanding and sensing things that there are in the subconscious through my Heart one by one. And by guiding this content to many people, I have systematized and proved it. 

Turn consciousness to your Heart and sense the subconscious

See the diagram below.

Figure 2

The feeling of turning consciousness to your Heart is similar to the sense of diving into the sea. What is deeply in the subconscious is such like what is at the bottom of the sea, hard to see, and difficult to notice. However, for example, by directing consciousness to your Heart and using breathing methods, you can understand and know important information as shown above.

In addition, various things happen in everyday life, but because of them, you can also get noticed many things.
For example, you may experience the same thing many times, or the emotions you had in the past emerge inside repeatedly. However, the reason that such things happen to you is that what is in the subconscious naturally appears in reality.

Guidance from my experience (how I have observed the subconscious)

As I mentioned earlier, I have been observing my own subconscious. Here, based on my actual example, I will guide you on what is buried in the subconscious, and how I had kept on observing and come to utilize them in everyday life.

Life Blueprints (Future Dreams)

At the age of 33, I began to interact with my own that is true self through my Heart. And since my late 30s, I came to want to take further steps and realize my new dream as follows.

  • Use English and work with those who live overseas
  • Meet a new partner (for marriage)
  • Publish a book (textbook)
  • Write and compose my own songs, and do song workshops

The above includes my personality and talent, as well as the wisdom that I have hidden within myself. And when I came to want to realize them, the emotions and traumas of the past connected to them emerged inevitably with a sense of reality in everyday life.

Staring at the past to open myself’s inside

In order to realize the above four things, I had to carefully observe my past experiences including things in the past lives that I had lived, and deeply heal the traumas of those times.

For example, when it comes to singing and music, I almost had no talent for music and was not good at singing since I was a child. However, in 2012 I began to go to a vocal school on the recommendation of an acquaintance, and since that time I came to face also the trauma of music seriously. Through two and a half years of vocal music and the next about six years of piano lessons, I discovered that many of the causes of my tone-deafness were due to the hard experiences in my distant past life. And I took the time to observe and sense the past lives’ trauma and healed it.

In this life, I had no sense of rhythm at all. However, I realized the trauma of the music hidden in my subconscious and by healing them one by one, eventually, I came to write a poem and compose for it, and moreover, write its score and hold singing workshops using the score.
I do not do that workshop now, but every time I heal the traumas and emotions having lurked inside me, the singing talent that I have “already” had continues to open.

I will explain what “already” means simply.
Especially as I was performing songs and pianos in public, I experienced that the strong trauma lurking within myself emerged. Therefore, I came to have to face that feeling, however, because of that, I was able to observe the experience of my past life lurking in the deeper part of myself.

Hundreds of years ago, in Europe, I was writing poems and composing my own songs by using the piano and performing songs and pianos in public. However, in my past life, I came to suffer from the tragedy through music and in the end sealed my talent, saying, “I will never do music again!”

This “trauma” was exactly what made me tone-deafness in this life, however, as a result, by knowing my life in the past I could know that I have originally had a talent for music inside me.

In this life, I thought music was the weakest thing in my life, and it was a start from less than zero (tone deafness) to start learning music just before I was 40 years old. However, by healing the trauma over time, the barriers came off, and the talents buried inside me gradually awakened, and now I can sing well.

What I want to explain here is that:

No one knows what kinds of talents are sleeping in the subconscious of people. And even if there is a talent that you are expressing now, you do not know how far it will grow and be opened.

See the below image.

Figure 3

Even if you think that yourself in daily life are all of you, as you can see in this figure, the range of growth is very large. Each person’s true self is a very enormous being, and its value is immense.

Here, based on my experience of music, I have guided the actual example of the healing process of trauma in the subconscious, but there are also deep and long stories about the other three. I cannot show you everything here because of the limited space, but I will also guide you about them little by little in the future.

Remove barriers and open talents or abilities in the subconscious

Of course, the emotions and traumas of the past in the subconscious are not only from your past lives. The emotions and traumas that you have experienced in this life, especially since childhood, are also lurking in the subconscious. And these inevitably emerge from the inside as you live your life. Please refer to the following contents. For example, they emerge when: 

  • Getting to know your true self
  • Reviewing yourself through human relationships and living your new life
  • Making your dreams come true
  • Overcoming what you are not good at
  • Developing your talents further

The important thing is that various things can be caused in everyday life when you hope such as the above things from the bottom of your heart. For example, you may often feel your emotions emerge through the close relationship with you, particularly between husband and wife, parents and children, or in workplaces, various activities, and daily events.

But if you can observe the point and understand what lurks behind the back of the emotions that emerge and that is caused for your shining future, you can also appreciate what you experience itself. (Of course, It is hard to be grateful when emotions and traumas are emerging)

In my case, my daily life has changed dramatically by understanding the traumas and emotions that lie inside me and continuously healing them. For me, it was the publication of books and learning English in advance to work with people overseas. In addition, it was to meet and marry the right person for me and polish myself through marriage

For example, not just publishing books, but also my writing sentences are changing more. Because I was able to heal the heavy feelings that I had prevented from disclosing my research content, I came to be able to write down what I want to express very easily and smoothly.

And in addition, there are better changes not only in health but also in appearance such as complexion and standing figure. 
By healing the past emotions and traumas inside you, you can have a good effect such as the above in a visible way.

What kinds of techniques I was utilizing to reach here

Basically, I have been practicing the techniques that I am conveying as “outstanding adjustment methods for oneself (1 to 3)” that are guided below. It takes several years to acquire everything, but you can learn what you need according to each people’s situation. Please refer to the following contents.

(1) What is conveyed in the “Basic Class”

  • Heart Breathing Technique
  • How to use the consciousness of “Itsukushimi” and how to utilize the energy
  • Techniques of asking yourself

: Basic Class

(2) What is conveyed in the “Applied Class”

  • Techniques that generate and make use of highly effective energy inside the body
  • Techniques to adjust and heal emotions and traumas in the deep parts of the body
  • How to use consciousness to utilize the action of various energies which can be used in everything

: Applied Class

(3) What is conveyed in the “Counseling I Am Class”

  • How to interact with yourself using the techniques learned in the Basic Class
  • How to use your consciousness to know life plans, dreams, and talents, and realize them
  • Technology to deal with emotions and traumas emerging from the subconscious, observe the causes, and heal them

: “Counseling I Am” Advanced Class

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