To The Highest Point

Realization of hope, early resolution of worries or various problems

To The Highest Point

Realization of hope, early resolution of worries or various problems

To The Highest Point

Realization of hope, early resolution of worries or various problems

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Last updated: 28/06/2024

Lionheart X Vision

We, Lionheart X Vision (LXV), provide counseling support for individuals, corporations, and athletes. What do you do to be the best of yourself? We have been studying the inside system of humans (the subconscious) to adjust the body and mind over time and provide for many people. We will go everywhere in the world to convey to those who need our methods.

Comprehensive guide to your life

It can be said that to reach the highest point of yourself, it is necessary to see through and comprehend the subconscious. Problems that happen in daily life are as if the subconscious is letting you notice in a way and sounding a siren, “Here is the point to review and adjust”.

The symptoms (pains or anxiety, etc.) that appear on the body or things that repeatedly happen in everyday life come to be a chance to make your daily life proceed smoothly if you change how to look at them.
To put it simply, by repeating to look at (adjust) yourself every day, you can go to the highest point depending on each person’s flow of life.

Strengths of LXV
Things that seem out of reach, for example, the realization of each person’s hope or display of talent: marriage, giving birth, becoming a businessman, going to the Olympics, etc. To realize the above, it is needed to look at the deep part of the subconscious depending on the person. The strength of LXV is to provide support for especially the parts that are difficult to look at.

From the solution of a little worry in everyday life to big decisions in life or the realization of your dream, we support you.

We are ready to provide various courses, counseling, therapies, and some courses for therapists. Please make use of them as needed. We are also ready to offer training for corporations or various organizations. For the details, please feel free to contact us.

Counseling and Various Therapies

There are so many talents inside every single person. The reason that each problem happens is also to know the talent or rich yourself.
However, when you face a problem, you may feel uneasy or tough. If you do not know how to solve it, please try counseling. The key to unravel the problem is inside every single person. I, Hiroki Inoue, receive the information deeply inside the subconscious of every single person and give them advice precisely.

Personal/Corporate counseling


In various courses, we value the following contents and convey the self-counseling methods so that people can solve different kinds of problems by themselves. They are the techniques that can be utilized in every field or all circumstances of life.

1. Get the answer from one’s own inside
2. Adjust the body and mind by oneself
3. Extend further one’s talent or characteristics buried inside oneself
4. Solve worries and problems of life by oneself
(For the detail of 1~4, please see the “supplements of top page” page)(That will be comingforth)

You will be able to do the following by taking each course.

Athletes and those who express themselves: singers, actors, and so on

  • Adjust the body and mind by oneself
  • Making your performance stable
  • Demonstrating real performance or talent

Regarding the course that makes the above contents possible, please see the “For athletes and those who are involved in sports” page.
We accept the requests from the team of each corporate, school (college, etc.), and organization. 

The state of negative consciousness can influence your performance more strongly, for example, making your body heavy or getting hard to move your body, etc. Regarding the relation between body and consciousness or the explanation to make the state of consciousness more stable, please refer to the “Effectiveness and Mechanism of Heart Breathing Technique” page.


  • Adjust the body and mind by oneself
  • Improving the efficiency of work, or grasping the idea
  • Looking at yourself through each problem of the workplace or family

When individuals would like to take a course, please see the “Lectures” page first and read on the page of “Basic Class“, etc.

We also accept requests for corporate training, etc. It is possible to assemble the course contents according to your hope. 


  • Adjust the body and mind by oneself
  • Looking at yourself through each problem of marriage, giving birth, and parenting
  • Coping with various symptoms of infertility or menopause

Regarding the details of the above content, please see the “Special course for women (that will be forthcoming)”page, or please contact us.

Company manager

  • Getting answers from own inside
  • Solve problems etc. more quickly
  • Grasp the guidance from your inside on how to proceed with the business

When hoping to take a course, for details, please inquire because the course contents are different according to individual needs. For those who would like to apply for counseling or coaching, please see the “Personal/Corporate counseling” page.


  • Improving the efficiency of the study
  • Making it easier to follow one’s future dream
  • Making the body and mind stable

They can learn the above contents from when they are students and make use of the method in each life. They can also deeply acquire the course contents if they can take enough time and learn it when they are students.
When individuals would like to take a course, please see the “Lectures” page first and read on the page of “Basic Class“, etc.

We have several classes according to your circumstance, please refer to each page. You might be confused about the words or the names of courses you see for the first time. Therefore, please see the following pages first.

: Lectures (“The purpose of preparing each class” on that page)
: About Lionheart

We are hoping that every single technique Lionheart X Vision has created is made use of by many people in various fields.

Regarding our business

We, Lionheart X Vision, systematically and theoretically have established practical techniques based on our own experiences and are providing them through our business. We guide you about Heart, love, and “Itsukushimi,” but we have no relation with any religion.

>Thank you for visiting our web site.

Thank you for visiting our web site.

Please contact when you want to know about us or apply for our any lesson.