Applied Class: Learn highly effective energies

In the “Applied Class,” after acquiring the methods of the Basic Class, you will learn more techniques that utilize some kinds of highly effective energies.

Applied classes have the following purposes:

  • To thoroughly bring out the elements within a person
  • To unravel oneself

What are the highly effective energies?

In order to express oneself thoroughly, it is often necessary to heal the emotions and traumas of the past in the subconscious. The “highly effective energies” you learn in the Applied Class means to deeply act on past emotions and traumas.

In order to remove a shackle

As mentioned on the “What is subconscious?” page, there is more enormous and deeper your true self inside you than you think. Even if you suppose that you are already demonstrating your talents, you can further develop them from there, and sometimes individuality and characteristics that you have never thought of will be opened.

However, it is also true that there is generally the “consciousness” that stops your original self from appearing on the surface. That consciousness is the past traumas and emotions in the subconscious. There are two main types of these:

  • What you have accumulated inside you since childhood
  • What you had experienced in the past life

In addition, what these two have in common is that the traumas and emotions can work as if limiting the use of your consciousness, the way you act, and the ability to make use of your talents and expressiveness.

That is why in the Applied Class we guide you on how to utilize the highly effective energies so that you can unravel and heal the past emotions that restrict your expression.

What is important when using consciousness

People originally have the characteristic to generate energy by using consciousness. What is particularly important at that time is to generate energy in a stable state of consciousness.

That is because you can generate energy inside the body depending on the state of consciousness, and in the world where we live, there is the principle that things having the same frequency attract each other, because of this, you come to take the same quality of energy as your consciousness into your body.

In this class, we will show you how to generate highly effective energies, but you cannot make use of them unless the foundation of Heart is made fully inside you. Therefore, it is essential to acquire the Heart Breathing Technique before learning the contents of the Applied Class.

You can use consciousness anytime, anywhere and you can create anything by consciousness. What is important here is how to use consciousness. Are you predicting the dull future and making it a reality, or using stable consciousness to open the nature and possibilities within you? This all depends on how to use consciousness.

This is already mentioned though:
In Applied Class, the reason that you learn how to utilize various types of energies is to thoroughly make use of the various abilities hidden inside you in daily life.

There are two courses in Applied Class:

  • Work Five Course
  • Medicine Course

There are some differences in the energy you learn in each course. Please refer to the following points.

Work Five Course  

More time and content for learning are needed, but you will be able to utilize various energies in more difficult aspects. The energies that you will learn in this course particularly have the more powerful working to permeate the deeper parts of the body and heal traumas and emotions. Therefore, you need to learn some techniques, but the way you can utilize them is full of possibilities. You can make enormous use of them in each field and matter that you are interested in.

Medicine Course

The energies that you will learn in this course have the characteristics that how to utilize is very simple. Therefore, we recommend this course for those who feel difficult about the contents of the Work Five Course. Basically, you can make use of the energies learned in this course enough, in order to heal the deep emotions and traumas, which are difficult only by the energy of “Itsukushimi.” Of course, you can also utilize them in each field and matter that you are interested in.

Potentially people have great consciousness

Therefore, it is important to grasp the knack of making use of its quality. If you grieve and despise yourself, the energy in your body will be exhausted. However, not only by using consciousness such as this but also by appropriately expanding consciousness, you can make use of highly effective energies for yourself.

Please refer to the following contents as necessary.

: Technology to look inside yourself
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: Who you are and how to unravel it: The Technique of Counseling I Am
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