Advance Consultation

Last updated: May 20, 2022

Consultation Before Application

This page is for those who are thinking of applying to each course or who want to consult before that. Various contents are explained on this website, but we accept consultation in advance about which content suits you and how the contents can be combined according to each situation and business form. (This consultation will be free of charge)

Basically, this consultation is only for those who want to take a course, it is not prior consultation for Personal Counseling. We provide advance information or guidance through emails for those who apply for Personal Counseling. On the other hand, in the case of Corporate Counseling, we accept a simple advance consultation by video call if necessary.

Approximate time and number of times

Face-to-face or video calls

  • Individual: About 30 minutes (basically only once)
  • Groups and companies: 30-60 minutes (which may be divided into several times depending on the situation and those sizes)

We will answer any questions that come to mind within you. In addition, we will not provide or communicate to third parties what you will talk about at the time of consultation.

After having the prior consultation in this way, you can take each course. In the case of individuals, we can make a simple contract sheet only if it is needed. 

In addition, in the case of corporates or organizations, we hope for the representative or person in charge to take the prior consultation. And also, for a contract sheet, we will make it if needed, please consult with us.

Regarding each consultation

Each situation varies, but we can deal with different kinds of needs, from professional sports to everyday little things.

For organizations and companies

Basically, the problems that lie inside society exist within the individual as well. In other words, if we can adjust the inside of the individual, we will surely have a better effect on the company management and even the growth of the individual (ability, humanity).

For this reason, there is basically no significant difference between the content of the guidance in order to enhance the movement of the organization and the company management and the content of the guidance to the individual. What is important is how to utilize and apply the course contents according to each activity.

Basically, the following contents are important.

  • Solve the problems inside each individual
  • Smoothly emerge ideas inside each individual
  • Stretch each inner ability

We also support you in acquiring the agility to deal with change. In the coming era, it will be important to respond flexibly to changes both in society and within the individual. At that time, it is important to firmly establish an individual’s inside. If you master the basic contents of the course, you will be able to catch answers from within yourself and respond quickly, without being easily swept away by the surrounding situation.

For athletes and team sports

Mental (psychological situation) greatly influences the performance of athletes. There are many athletes who cannot show their talents and they cannot show their ability in the real world, even if they have shining things inside. We provide specialized knowledge and techniques for solving this problem. The contents of each course are very effective for the following people or in that situation.

  • Players suffering from injury or slump
  • Players who have talent but do not develop easily
  • When you want to make each athlete master how to adjust and use consciousness, even because they have a future.

For individuals

Especially if you are an individual, we can arrange the course contents according to each state and needs. Please refer to the contents of the above-mentioned organizations, companies, and athletes, as the contents that we guide individuals will not be significantly different. We especially recommend those contents to athletes, professionals, business management professionals, women, and students.

Style of attendance

Basically, we will conduct in-person and remote (video call) courses. Depending on your needs, the style of the course will be different. For example, if you live far away or it is difficult to take it face-to-face, you can use video calls such as Skype or LINE to take classes. In addition, in the case of organizations and companies, we can go on a business trip. We can handle it flexibly according to the situation, so please do not hesitate to consult us.

* Video call: Skype, Zoom, Google meet, Messenger, LINE,

Regarding business trips and lecture

We will take business trips and offer lectures to each field, university, school, company, organization, etc. It is also possible to rearrange the course contents according to each other and to make your own textbooks and teaching materials if necessary. 

Please contact us with describing the necessary information such as the lecture or contents that you hope.

Travel expenses, actual transportation expenses, and in the case of distances, accommodation expenses, etc. will be charged separately. For more information, please contact us.

What we want to tell you before consultation or contract

We, Lionheart X Vision, systematically and theoretically have established practical techniques based on our own experiences and are providing them through our business. We guide you about Heart, love, and “Itsukushimi,” but we have no relation with any religion.

>Thank you for visiting our web site.

Thank you for visiting our web site.

Please contact when you want to know about us or apply for our any lesson.