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“Counseling I Am” Advanced Class: Learn “how to use consciousness to unravel oneself”

What is “Counseling I Am”?

To put simply, “Counseling I Am” is to counsel “ Who am I?” or “ how can I do?” by oneself.

To know about myself.

  • Who I am. How existence I am.
  • Was I born here what to learn?
  • What kind of things am I learning from daily life?
  • What kind of talent I have and what do I want to express?
  • What do I experience and taste in this beautiful life?

The answers or the hint for these are sprinkled throughout daily life which you live. Therefore, in this ”Counseling I Am Class,” you will keep on utilizing Heart breathing method, how to use consciousness, “Itsukushimi” breathing method, and dialogue method that you have learned in Basic Class. And also for those who have learned in “Advanced Class,”I will teach you to make use of the contents.

The style of lecture

Basically, the lecture on Counseling I Am is for 24 hours ( 8 to 12 months). And this time is one that is minimally needed in order to acquire the basics of Counseling I Am.

You can extend lecture hours, but first, it is important to acquire the basics more than anything. And because this class is on a one-to-one basis, I cannot give lessons to a number of people during a specific period of time.

Please also refer to the following figure.
“Counseling I Am” is also placed as a third class within “Outstanding Adjustment Method for oneself.” If you learn the second “Applied Class” to learn the adjustment method of body and mind,” it does not matter which one comes first for the sequence between “Counseling I have “ and “Applied Class. “

And in “Blue Sky School,” “Special Course for Women,” “Athlete Basic Course,” you can take the same lectures of “the basics of Counseling I Am (totally for 12 hours)” guided below, even with multiple people.

From now, I will briefly guide you the flow and the contents of “the basics of Counseling I Am.”

The basics of Counseling I Am: the contents and the flow of the lecture.

The 1st month
◇ Introduction to Counseling I Am
1:Be conscious of things that occur in daily life.
2:Be conscious of things that you sense inside the body.
3:About the flow of ”Counseling I Am” of utilizing “Itsukushimi” breathing method.

◇ The guidance to more obviously and deeply feel Heart that exists inside oneself.

The 2nd month
◇ To learn the technique to send the energy of “Itsukushimi” to the needed places of the body
1:”Itsukushimi” door to door
2:”Itsukushimi” sarasara (means flow smoothly)

◇ In order to get answers inside, you use the technique of “questioning“ with breathing methods.

Here, I will add a little commentary to the contents of the first month.

Introduction 1: Be conscious of things that occur in daily life.

The significant points of Counseling I Am are the following two:

・Be aware of events that happen in daily life and various symptoms that appear in the body.
・Besides that, you will interact with yourself inside and find out answers or correction points.

At any time, this way of using consciousness is basic one.

There are answers right in daily life

It is significant to turn your consciousness to events that occur in everyday life. That’s because you can unravel yourself and grasp answers or hints through daily matters.

Introduction 2: Be conscious of things that you sense inside the body.

The body is a pictorial book itself that is full of information of oneself. All of information that you have experienced so far is stored and recorded within the body and the aura as if a storehouse. And when they should need to be looked back, they come up from inside through emotional reactions, body’s pain or feelings of strangeness, various symptoms.

Through the body, you are taught as if:
“Here is a point to look back”

Be aware of what you feel inside the body is as if you open a pictorial book inside yourself page by page.

To interact with real yourself

Who exactly is teaching through your body? That is “true yourself” that exists inside you. Important thing is to be conscious of the body and to interact with true yourself. If you routinely try to direct your consciousness to symptoms that appear in the body, you will become able to interact with yourself.

Inspecting the inside as if raising a jack

When fixing a car, by raising a jack, you can easily become to check the inside. Eventually, you can find out the needed parts to fix and achieve it. The method of Counseling I Am is very close to this situation.

Introduction 3: About the flow of Counseling I Am of utilizing “Itsukushimi” breathing method.

The reason that I guide you to learn about Heart and be able to do “Itsukushimi” breathing method in Basic Class in advance is in order to smoothly utilize the above content.

To know how to deal with emotions

The past memories lurking inside you come up again with daily matters. The timing differs from each other and true yourself is also actually setting it up. To sum it up, because inner yourself wants you to solve the problem lurking inside, the yourself leads you by making your inner emotions easily react through words and actions of persons surrounding you or the occurring events.

However, it is hard for everyone to be conscious of things like this. You who live in daily life might pretend not to look at it if you can and try to put the lid on it, but the real-life doesn’t wait in many cases. Those who appear right in front of or are close to you might give you words or actions as if pulling out your emotions and making you mad on purpose.

Important thing is, to turn your consciousness inward and not to overlook the reaction point of emotion. The reason is that there is a point connecting to the answer that you have wanted.

The following two are very significant skill as a basic of Counseling I Am:

・It is important to be aware of the emotion appearing and accept it.
・Besides that, to utilize consciousness of “Itsukushimi” and flow it to your emotions of the past and so on

To be healed by “Itsukushimi”

That’s the reason I recommend you to make use of “Itsukushimi”.
When your old emotions lurking inside come up, by flowing love that includes feminine nature=“Itsukushimi”, the part will be healed gradually.

This content is also a little more deeply guided on the page “The reason to convey ‘Itsukushimi,’” so please refer to it if necessary. ( The page is not still available)

◇The guidance to more obviously and deeply feel Heart that exists inside oneself.

Heart is the thing that is existing inside since before you are born

I will guide you to grasp it as a substance and keep on utilizing it on more occasions, and also be able to more obviously feel how Heart is when doing the breathing method.

The above contents are one that you will learn for one to two months, including the introduction. (There are much more contents I can’t convey completely here)

The 3rd months
・To enhance the technique of looking over reality from a bird’s-eye view.
・To use consciousness in order to make “Itsukushimi” more easily work to fix problem (choosing your intention)

The 4th months
・To get answers step by step more surely through each symptom of the body and emotions appearing.
・To apply things that you have acquired in 3 months in daily life.

The reason that emotions emerge from the inside in everyday life is on behalf of being born again.

Emotions related to past experiences are affecting on how to think against matters occurring in daily life. And normal life is also proceeding as if spitting out past emotions buried in subconsciousness.

Why do things like this occur?  To put it simply, that is because humans are being to keep on evolving. In order to always newly be born again, daily life eternally proceeds and moves.  

Therefore, it is important to get to know this mechanism. Emotions that you have experienced and stored in the past can’t be suppressed, otherwise,they naturally come up again because you keep going forward in everyday life.

To unravel answers from each symptom of the body and emotions appearing

If you recognize and accept that thing persistently limiting your action has been greatly ascribed to your past experience (trauma), you can stand at the entrance to transform.

It is necessary for each person to take time, however, by looking back and deeply understand the point, things like block against going forward or living new life will become to be gotten rid of little by little.

(Emotions that I guide here are past memories, bruises, experiences buried in subconsciousness, these unresolved things will appear as an outpouring of emotion or each symptom: physical pain or weight, inexplicable behavior, after for a while)

The above contents are one that you will learn in the basics of Counseling I Am. Depending on the student’s proceeding situation, the contents may be a little back and forth.

And in “Blue Sky School,” “Special Course for Women,” “Athlete Basic Course,” I will incorporate tailored content for each purpose (how to use consciousness, etc). And also those who want to learn the following contents of the second half can transfer to “Counseling I Am Class”.

The contents of the second half of Counseling I Am

What kind of thing is true yourself wanting?

The 5th to 6th months
In the second half, I will proceed with a lecture more tailored for individual characteristics so that you can make what you want more obvious. (how to utilize the skill of Counseling I Am)

・Realization of dream
・For athletes, singers, performers, improvement of the quality of performance
・Flowering of special skills or talents, etc.

I will individually guide which point to direct consciousness to, focusing on each theme.

The 7th to 6th months

・Because it is hard to look at inner deep parts, I will teach practical method for each.

When you direct consciousness towards what you want or you actually start to move to the goal, past emotion or trauma related to it is almost invariably pulled out. Even if you have understood about it, it is not really easy to look at things lurking inside and advance awareness and healing.

Therefore, especially in the second half of this class, I will guide you individually, matching each situation. And teach how to look carefully difficult parts and where to turn your consciousness: emotional or physical symptoms, etc.

Emotions that you felt in the past come up through the body in daily life after a period of time, in order to be able to sense them. And it is significant to look at each symptom or emotion appearing and try to grasp the cause.

That is because there are answers that you have wanted right in the back of things appearing. Please refer to the following picture.


The five kinds of figures in the layer of subconsciousness show that emotions and traumas lurking inside that you have experienced in the past. As I mentioned above, sometimes people’s words and actions, or daily occasions come to be a trigger and these come up from the inside in order to be sensed by you.

For example, if fear comes up, you might badly think about things occurring right in front of you. However, If you can look at them in an unclouded view or heal the emotion, you will be able to grasp your hope beyond them. You might not have been able to go forward because there have been emotion or trauma of fear. However, if you utilize the technique learning in this class, you will be able to go forward lightly and relaxedly.

Once you acquire the technique of Counseling I Am, you can utilize it for every theme. If you are in any circumstance, you will able to make use of it at your own pace.

Instability is a tool to go forward

If, seemingly, bad events that you assume or imbalance of mind and body happen, depending on how to accept, they can become entrance towards big change. Change occurring inside or events appearing in front of you will be a trigger to open your own new door. That is indeed an idea of come-from-behind.

Counseling I Am is rather for this.

I have kept creating this method so that many people can actively deal with change occurring inside or can grasp the guidelines of life and win true hope. Besides that, you can also utilize theory on each circumstance.

I recommend you also to take lessons of “Advanced Class”

I have guided mainly about “Itukushimi” so far, but depending on persons or circumstances, it may be difficult to deal with only by “Itukushimi” energy, especially in the case to heal the emotion that you have holden inside for a long time and so forth. That is why I recommend to take “Advanced Class.”

This method is as diverse as the number of people. Therefore, I will not change and keep on proceeding with the guide from various angles: lectures, articles, publications.

At the end, I will guide the review of the course content, tuition fee, and class hours.

Course content

The basics of Counseling I Am

◇Introduction to “Counseling I Am”
◇Review the contents learned in the Basic Class
・Heart Breathing Technique. Making use of Heart as a disk to receive energies
◇Use the characteristics of Heart and “Itsukushimi” Breathing Technique and acquire the skill to counsel oneself.
・Use the method of asking oneself, as doing these Breathing Techniques, in order to grasp answers within oneself
◇Utilize the energy of “Itsukushimi”
・The technique of ”Itsukushimi” door to door (sending it to obvious parts of the body) and ”Itsukushimi” sarasara (sending it somewhere in the body, though the place is unclear)
・Acquire the technique of healing emotions and traumas lurking deeply in the subconscious
◇Regarding the relationship between inner child and experiences in a past life and current oneself

The second half of Counseling I Am

◇Know about the existence of Heart that you originally have
・Utilize the more stable energy of Heart inside oneself
◇Learn the technique of “Counseling I Am” in everyday life with what you want to achieve as one theme
・For business development, marriage, giving birth, the realization of a dream
・Open one’s characteristics and talents steadily: for instance, for athletes or singers who are active on the front lines as professionals
◇Learn how to interact with your true self through Heart
・Practice utilizing the technique of Counseling I Am by oneself: in order to make use of it when you have further themes or dreams that you want to realize
◇For those who have learned how to utilize the energy of Work Five or Energetic Medicine in Advanced Class
・Learn the skill to combine the technique of Counseling I Am

About how we proceed with the class

We will give you lectures once or twice a month and assignments for each student at every lecture. If you practice the contents of the lectures in your daily life, you will be able to acquire the above methods. Daily life is a place where you utilize the method you learn. Please go forward at each pace.

You can take lessons in whichever face-to-face or video call.
The video calls are Skype, Zoom, Google Meet, Messenger, LINE, and so on. It’s possible to take the lectures wherever you live in Japan or overseas.

Tuition fee and class hours

JPY984,000.00/24 hours 

<Course period>
About 8~12 months

When you decide to take the Counseling I Am Class, please pay attention to the following.

While you are taking lessons of Counseling I Am, according to the person, events such as the following may occur.

As mentioned above, when you try to advance a new road, seemingly, the change that you badly think of may happen. You might feel an imbalance of mind and body or relationships get worse, etc.  You might be also embarrassed and think that “why does this happen?” But, when you decide to achieve something or go forward if there are emotions or traumas connecting with it in the subconscious, they are naturally likely to emerge from your inside.

If you can face things emerging from the inside, you will be able to understand the cause of suffering that you hold and get better results. However, in order to look back on and heal the bruised yourself of the past, you need to prepare yourself for that to some extent.

It is scary for everyone to face past suffered experiences or memory.
In some cases, it can be thought that it is good for you, even if you take a break from the class on the way. It is actually as hard for everyone as wanting to run away from that. Therefore, when you hope to meet your true self, the method of “Counseling I Am” really becomes a road sign and a strong ally.

We will have a brief interview with you before you take the lessons in this class.
The reason is that the number of people that I can be in charge of is limited.  We will certainly support those who have decided to take this class.

The course time of this class is basically 24 hours, but it is also possible to extend the course time if you want because the depth of the content is different from each other.

When you consider taking the “Counseling I Am Class”, we would appreciate if you could accept the above. Thank you very much.

Regarding the fee that you paid

If you quit the class on your way, at the time when you would tell us about your decision we will calculate the remaining fee and pay back you a third of the left fee. The reason is that we take time and work for you to prepare and guide the class. We hope you could understand that.

Please feel free to inquire about details or other things without hesitating.
The page of contact is from the bottom.

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