“Counseling I Am” Advanced Class: Learn “how to use the mind to unravel oneself”

“Counseling I Am” Advanced Class

To win the hope

“Counseling I Am (CIA)” is the method that has been developed so that many people can deal with changes happening inside each person, and can win the true hope of their life.

Here is the point!

Once you acquire the technique of CIA, you will be able to utilize it for any theme. In addition, you can make use of it if you are in any circumstance.

The meaning of “Counseling I Am”

Counseling oneself by oneself is the meaning of “Counseling I Am”.

  • What kind of existence am I?
  • How can I solve the problems occurring on a daily basis?
  • What do I do to develop one’s talent or characteristic?
  • What do I do to get the hope?

We guide the method of the CIA so that you can unravel every problem.

Recommended people as this

  • For those who are standing at the important crossroads of life: career change, entrepreneurship, marriage, divorce
  • For those who want to realize the hope (such as a dream hard to realize): pregnancy, giving birth, desired job change
  • For those who want to polish themselves from the bottom of their hearts
  • For those who know the talent being buried and want to demonstrate it well
  • For those who want to know their essence or live a richer life

Even if your needs do not fit with the above, we can recommend the CIA to those who want to acquire that technique because that is full of very useful essences.

Base technique

To learn the methods of the CIA, the following three techniques acquired in the Basic Class are needed

  • Heart Breathing Technique
  • “Itsukushimi” Breathing technique
  • Asking oneself method

For those who learned how to handle each energy in the “Applied Class”, we will guide them to combine and utilize the methods with the techniques of the CIA.

Basis and the second half

The contents learned in CIA are divided into the “first half (basis) ” and the “second half”. The reason is that we created the “courses of 4. 5. 6” that can be learned the combined contents of the “Basic Class” and the “first half (basics) of the CIA, as shown in the figure below.

Figure 1:

For those who are interested in taking the course “Blue Sky School”, “Special Course for Women”, or “Athlete Basic Course”, please see the content of the first half (basics) of the CIA.

Regarding the involvement of each course, please refer to the “Courses” page.

The first half (basics) of the Counseling I Am.

In six months, you can learn the basic techniques of the CIA. 

What will you be able to do?

  • Use the breathing techniques and adjust the mind and body more deeply
  • Speed up the resolution of your problems
  • Deepen to make a dialogue with yourself

The pillar of the CIA

The following two are always the essential pillars of the CIA.

  • Turn your consciousness to the events occurring in everyday life, and the emotional reaction or each symptom appearing inside the body
  • Interact with yourself inside and find out answers or correction points

There is an answer inside oneself

It is very important to pay attention to what happens inside oneself in daily life. How do you react and take action to daily events? By understanding yourself objectively, you will be able to receive an appropriate answer for yourself.

Body is museum

In the body or aura, all kinds of emotions experienced in the past are being recorded (saved) as if stored in the warehouse. These become the pain or symptoms of the body and come up so that you can sense them in the body when it is needed to look back at them. They teach you through the body such as ” Here is an important point”.

Interaction with your true self

Teaching you through the body is “your true self” existing inside each person. If you turn your consciousness to symptoms appearing in the body on a daily basis, you become able to interact with yourself little by little.

Solve the “emotion” lying in the subconscious

The emotions (including the case of unconsciousness) that you experienced in the past are usually buried in the subconscious. However, they come up inside you as a trigger for everyday events because they want you to stare at (pay attention to) them.
For example, if you are irritated by the words or actions of the people around you, the emotion you had in the past is already appearing.

Figure 2:

When you become the state of the above figure, unconsciously, you will be influenced by past emotions.

Depending on the person, the following things can be caused:

  • Shrink due to scare, etc.
  • Can not demonstrate one’s original power
  • A fight between husband and wife
  • The quality of performance declines because of emotional disturbance

When the above states have happened is exactly the time to review the inside of yourself carefully and adjust. That is one flow that your true self is usually planning. Therefore, if you are turning a blind eye to this phenomenon, that will be bigger. However, because of that, you living daily life can be aware of it.

Use the action of ”Itsukushimi” to adjust emotion

The reason that Lionheart X Vision (LXV) recommends utilizing “Itsukushimi” is that has characteristics to adjust emotions. As guided in many pages, “Itsukushimi” is a love that has a feminine nature. When (past) emotions emerge, by pouring “Itsukushimi” towards it, they get calmed little by little and it will be easier to be aware of crucial points lurking inside.

For the details of “Itsukushimi”, please see the following page as needed:
What is “Itsukushimi”?: The form of love that feminine quality creates

The timing that uses the “asking oneself” method

The “asking oneself” method is one that you ask yourself inside (through your Heart) when various symptoms or emotions appear in the body. The following two are important points as basic.

  • When you feel that emotion comes up, do the “Itsukushimi” Breathing Technique
  • After emotions are adjusted due to the “Itsukushimi” energy and the inside calms down, use the “asking oneself” method

Please refer to the following figure.

Its energy permeates the part where the symptom is there.

Figure 3:

What is important is noticing past emotions or traumas coming up inside oneself and accepting them. That is an action of ”Itsukushimi (the love that has a feminine nature)” and the essential step for understanding oneself.

In the second half of the CIA, we will guide you on the advanced usage of “Itsukushimi”: send love to past oneself or emotions, praise, or sympathize. That seems to be sober, however, the effectiveness that its action gives is very big. By utilizing the consciousness of “Itsukushimi” well, it will be easier for emotions lying deeply to be resolved.

Summary of the first half

As shown in the above guidance, if you notice the part that needs to be restored inside and can heal it little by little, the following will be possible.

  • Solve your problems
  • Give good change to relationships: husband and wife, parents and children, and at the workplace
  • Escape slump early
  • Find talents and demonstrate them further

That is the content that you learn in the first half (basics) of the CIA.

In the “Blue Sky School”, “Special Course for Women”, or “Athlete Basic Course”, we incorporate content tailored to each purpose. In addition, when you want to learn “the second half content” of the following, you can transfer from the above three courses to the CIA Class.

The second half of Counseling I Am

We will proceed with the course further according to the characteristics of the individual so that what the true oneself wants (as follows) will become obvious more than before.

  • Marriage, pregnancy, giving birth
  • Career change, entrepreneurship, business management
  • Realization of dream
  • Improvement of performance: athletes, performers, actors, etc.
  • Make one’s talent bloom or develop it

In six months of the second half, you deepen the technique of the CIA further together with the content that you learn in the first half, therefore, the following will be possible.

  • You will be able to look at the part step by step that is hard to face alone
  • You will be able to know how to handle the problem that would be hard to solve and solve it actually:
    How to interact with people, early escape from a slump, problems between parents and child, divorce crisis, etc.
  • You will be able to know your talents or characteristics buried inside, draw out, and express them

When you turn your attention to things that you hope or actually start moving with a purpose, in the case that past emotions or traumas related to them lie in the subconscious, it happens many times that they inevitably can be drawn out.

Even if you would have understood that with your head, looking at things coming up inside and moving for self-actualization (doing the CIA) is not easy.

Therefore, in the second half of this class, we are doing personal guidance according to every single state.
We will teach the technique to look at carefully the part that is especially difficult to stare at: emotions or symptoms of the body, etc.

On the other side of things appearing on the surface exactly there is an answer you would have been searching for. Please refer to the following figure.

Figure 4:

Five shapes are drawn in the layer of the subconscious. The reason is that we (LXV) want to share that past emotions or traumas are usually lurking about that much.

As mentioned earlier, they are triggered by daily events or a close person’s words and actions, and surface so that you can sense them with your body.

For instance, when “fear” comes up, it will be more difficult to capture true hope because you tend to think of things in the state of being based on scariness and predict the future.

The important thing is not to erase with your consciousness the reality that you hope in the depth of your heart. However, depending on people, trauma lurking in the subconscious has a strong magnetic force, therefore, that can prevent you from seeing your true hope or talent that you have (the same state with which you do not know them).

We will also guide you for things like the above that are difficult to determine in a personal lecture.

For those who want to take the “Counseling I Am Advanced Class”, please apply after reading the following guidance. Because of personal class, there is a limit to the number that we can accept. According to the case, you may have to wait.

Recommend also to take the ”Applied Class”
On this page, we gave the guidance of the case to mainly use “Itsukushimi” so far. However, in the case that you heal emotions accumulated inside the body for a long time, only the “Itsukushimi” energy, it can be also difficult to solve them in some cases. Various energies learned in the “Applied Class” are effective for the trauma that is hard to deal with or the symptoms that suddenly surface and so on. Please consider the “Applied Class” as needed.

Study period / Tuition fee

Study period: 12 months 
Lecture time is 24 hours: Guidance of each technique and issue
We will give lectures about once a month. (120 minutes × 12 times)
Please choose which one, face-to-face or video call.
Face-to-face: Kawagoe, Saitama in Japan or on a business trip
Video call: is via Messenger, Skype, LINE, or Google Meet

◆Tuition fee
Basically, please pay in a lump sum or in two installments.

・Lump sum payment: JPY902,000.00 (Tax included)
・2 installments: JPY451,000.00 (Tax included) × 2 Total: JPY902,000.00 (Tax included)

◆When to hold the class
Always available.
(As of September 2023, there are 6 seats for the new application)

Special Offer of Basic Class

  • We will follow up with all participants other than class time!
    On the closed group page of Facebook, we will let you know pickup information when needed: guide featured articles, etc.
  • You can acquire each technique!, by practicing every day the assignment (the program created independently by Lionheart X Vision) to be given during class.
  • According to each need or characteristic, provide specialized assignments!
  • Talent inside each will naturally be brought out!

Everyday life is exactly the place to make use of the course content more realistically. Please try utilizing it at each pace.

The learning term of the above is the minimum necessary time to acquire the basic technique of the CIA. You can extend the number of the class according to your request, however, it is important to acquire the basics first and foremost.

Regarding application

Please apply, referring to the guidance on the following page.

*The above page will be forthcoming.

Until the “Application Information Page” is completed, for application or inquiry, please contact us from the following page.

Course content

Basics of the Counseling I Am (the first half)

  • Overview of the “Counseling I Am”
  • Review and confirmation of the content of the CIA
    The “Heart “Breathing Technique” and how to use the Heart Chakra
  • Make use of the characteristics of “Heart” and “Itsukushimi” Breathing Techniques, and acquire the skills that counsel oneself
    Breathing technique + asking oneself method: Feel and recognize an answer inside oneself
  • Generate and send the ”Itsukushimi” energy to needed points with the breathing technique
    Learn the technique that heals emotions or traumas deep in the subconscious
  • Learn about the relationship between one’s inner child ( including experience in past life) and present oneself

The second half of the Counseling I Am

  • Know how the Heart that you have is
    In order to utilize the more effective energy of “Heart” inside yourself
  • Make what you realize (hope) the theme and learn the technique of the CIA further through everyday life
    – Business development, marriage, giving birth, the realization of dreams
    – Open your characteristics or talent smoothly
    (for athletes or those who are active on the front line as a professional, etc)
  • Learn the technique to interact with your true self through your Heart
    This is the necessary technique to keep on utilizing the CIA by yourself. You can use its method when more difficult themes or dreams you want to realize come up
  • Those who learned how to use the energy of “Work Five” or “Energetic Medicine” in the Applied Class can learn the method to use together with the technique of the CIA

Simple notes

In this course, we will guide you so that you can utilize the technique of the CIA in any scene of daily life.
Depending on personal circumstances, it is also true that things that you do not want to face surface inside. Many people tend to overlook them, however, actually, they get better faster if you face those points.

On the other hand, even if they are the necessary themes for oneself, there are many cases that it is hard to face. In such a case, you can receive counseling or various therapies separately. 

Once you acquire the method, you can utilize it well in any scene of your life after that. Please repeat it according to each circumstance and make the usage proficient.

Please apply, referring to the guidance on the following page.

*The above page will be forthcoming.

Until the “Application Information Page” is completed, for application or inquiry, please contact us from the following page.

Reference: List of all courses

Details page of each course

  1. Basic Class: Learn about Heart and “Itsukushimi”
  2. Applied Class
    Medicine Course
    Work Five Course
  3. Advanced Class: Counseling I AM
  4. Blue Sky School
  5. Special Course for Women
  6. Athlete Basic Course

*The pages of the black word will be forthcoming.

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