Pillar of our buisiness

“Heart” is love itself and it exists inside of every single person.
The essential part of our business is conveying a feature about the heart and guide many people to be able to utilize the effectiveness of the heart and also the usage of “Heart consciousness”, which means a state of holding heart inside you.

Turning one’s consciousness to the heart

Sometimes you use a breathing method though, once you get used to utilizing heart consciousness, your thinking, behavior, and the usage of words become to be stable and so do all that you create.

First, realizing by using the heart is your stability of mind and body, and your continuous health. And You become able to get ideas or guidances of your daily life inside yourself. Besides that, as you can hold the stable heart consciousness, accurate and new ideas are likely to come up from your inside.

Conveying the usage and effectiveness of “Itsukushimi”

“Itsukushimi” is Japanese and we, Lionheart X Vision, define it as “love and affection that women bear” or “love or affection that a sense of women bears”. Therefore, you can say that men can bear this “Itsukushimi”.

“Itsukushimi” can work to heal one’s emotion hiding inside, and every single person can consciously bear it inside oneself.

Different kinds of emotional feelings are buried under unconsciousness, therefore, a number of problems appear in daily lives. Usual thinking or mind are likely to be influenced and shaped by anger or scorn, many kinds of negative minds, and in the end, so are actions.

I have found out the following things through my long-term experience of counseling. Conflicts between people, bullying, or a mind stopping to realize a dream are due to negative emotions hidden inside oneself and not healed. Besides that, if you can understand the cause and heal, you can solve different kinds of problems.

“Itsukushimi” is needed on these occasions. I have known that many emotional behaviors are caused because of lack of love. Now if you want to fix and solve those problems, it is important to pour your love into the needed points inside yourself.

You can utilize the above for all

You can learn about “Heart and Itsukushimi” in “Basic class”.

・For women, when in terms of childbirth and raising.
・For social people, solving the problems of job and carrying things smoothly.
・For managers of the company, holding a stable mind that continuously manages the business without giving up and using creative abilities.
・For athletes, or coaches and peoples involved in sports, adjusting body and mind, improving personal levels, and also teamwork.

We, Lionheart X Vision, have a concept to convey and teach these contents as a more highly working method to those who need them. More people can utilize the above method, we continuously guide them through many fields, sports, schools, and companies, not only in Japan but also toward overseas countries.

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