What is “Itsukushimi”?: The form of love that feminine quality creates

On this page, we will guide the basic content regarding what is “Itsukushimi”. ”Itsukushimi” is a Japanese word and Hiroki Inoue made the definition after a long-term study.

Basics of “Itsukshimi”

What kind of sensation is “Itsukushimi”?

That is the lovely sensation such as generated inside every single person when holding a baby in their arms or watching over a child.

We first use this example, when explaining “Itsukushimi”. It can be thought that this sensation is naturally happening inside anyone. By having this consciousness inside you, kind and calm energy is generated in the place and inside you. We are conveying this is “Itsukushimi”.

The definition of “Itsukushimi” that we convey

The kind and calm energy of “Itsukushimi” has the quality of women, therefore, we, Lionheart X Vision, define it as follows.

“Itsukushimi” is “the form of love that feminine quality bears” and has the effect of calming feelings and healing emotions. There is also feminine quality inside man, therefore, man can also generate “Itsukushimi” and make use of it.

The reason that the word Itsukushimi is surrounded by quotation marks is we want to convey “Itskushimi” guided by Lionheart X Vision more understandably.

The effect of “Itsukushimi”

“Itsukushimi” has the following effect.

  • Heal and adjust the past emotions or traumas in the subconsciousness
  • Stabilize various things: the state of consciousness, how to act, relationship with people, the atmosphere of the place, and so on

*In addition to the above, you can utilize it for various daily things.

It is at this time to utilize the effect of “Itsukushimi”

Basically, the emotions or traumas that you felt in past have often left inside a person. Those may be the experiences of your childhood, since adolescence, after getting an adult, or in your past life.

For example, when a child takes a mistake, an adult who sees it may scold just emotionally. The feelings of the child at that time might be rambling, but they can sink into the subconsciousness little by little.

The child might have had the feeling that they wanted an adult to understand something: took the mistake though tried hard, just wanted you to watch, and so on. The feelings that seem trivial would not disappear and be buried deeply in the subconscious as if it is sinking into the bottom of a river. And those emotions come to give oneself who live as an adult influence as followings:

  • Deny oneself
  • Limit what you want to do
  • You can not express your true power
  • You can not come to like yourself
  • Give up becoming be happy
  • Deny your dream or hope
    and so forth

On the other hand, daily life moves very naturally.

So that you can look back past emotions or traumas and change how to live.

At this moment, it is important to stay close to your past emotion by utilizing the action of “Itsukushimi”.

For exactly the childish part of oneself such as emotions not having healed, it is needed to pour the sensation of “Itsukushimi” appearing when holding a baby or watching over a child.

Adding “Itsukushimi” to the missing part

The love of feminine qualities is essential for every single person, however, that love is often not enough in everyday life, especially in childhood. For example, when a child makes a mistake, it is good if you stay close to the child’s heart, however, it can be thought that it is hard to do so sometimes because each adult does one’s best they could in everyday life.

On the other hand, the reason that you get imbalanced even now when you have grown up is that the emotions are lurking in the subconscious and they emerge in daily life. In short, that is because that full love has not been poured into the needed part. Therefore, it is important to add the love that is missing elements to it when an unstable part is appearing.

The important point of “Itsukushimi” that we are conveying

It is important to heal the wound of the heart by oneself. It can be thought that parents can watch over and help their children, however, they can not heal completely the heart wounds of their children even if parents. Therefore, it is significant to find out the love inside oneself and use it for oneself.

So far, we were focusing on and explaining healing emotions, but the purpose of guiding on “Itsukushimi” is merely for the followings:

  • coming to realize what you really want to do
  • coming back to your true self
  • coming more easily to express talents or characteristics

This is the reaching point that we are aiming at and the essential reason to make use of “Itsukushimi” for oneself.

Utilize the work of “Itsukushimi” variously in daily life

Up to now, we have explained the action of “Itsukushimi” which heals emotions, but you can utilize its action for many other things. Please apply and make use of it according to each purpose.

For example:

  • Utilize it to adjust/stabilize the body and mind
    When feelings are not stable in various situations
    Relief of symptoms during pregnancy and after childbirth, and during menopause
  • Calm the space where unpleasant air was born
  • Send the “Itsukushimi” energy in the future beyond time and space so that future things will go well (*)
    For an important event, the stabilization of the physical condition at the time of childbirth or after childbirth
  • Send the “Itsukushimi” energy to your past self
    When you want to heal the emotion you experienced in the past

*The energy that is generated by consciousness affects your body or the phenomenon that occurs after a certain period of time. Just same as this theory, you can give the future phenomenon a good influence if sending the ”Itsukushimi” energy generated inside the body to the future of yourself by using consciousness.

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