Applications for courses starting in this autumn have begun

Applications for courses starting in the second half of autumn 2021 have started.

If you do not know which course to take, you can have a consultation in advance. For more information, please visit the prior consultation page. Those who are individuals can start this fall depending on your situation. If you are an organization, you can start after several meetings as necessary. Regarding counseling (coaching) sessions for individuals and companies, you can apply them at any time. 

Everyday life is for one’s readjustment.

To briefly write about me these days, they are changing day by day, even though they are tiny little things small. For example, I’m currently checking the manuscript of a Japanese book that was scheduled to be published this fall, but I continued to face myself every day.

Regarding the manuscript written two years ago, the way of guidance and the know-how of writing is far from my current self and there are many points to be corrected. However, I came to realize one thing while I was facing myself every day and correcting the sentences.

That’s because the fear of expressing what was inside me was putting a stop to my expressiveness in writing. When I tried proofreading sentences, there were some kinds of emotions surfacing inside my body every day.

For example, the emotional feeling of appearing around the left chest and the discomfort and weight of the thigh area. I felt that it needed to stop while such a thing was repeated even though it was possible to leave these as it was and continue to check the manuscript.

And then, I utilized some breathing techniques and questioning methods to clarify the cause of each symptom that appeared in the body.

After such an experience, what is going on now is becoming able to write and express very easily what is inside me freely.

Basically, I think that everyday life flows to readjust oneself in this way. Therefore, I think that there is a flow to face oneself depending on the person when you want to start something new, to improve your expressiveness, to improve your work performance, or to improve the quality of play.

We can guide you through various courses on which part to look at and modify. If you need a course, please contact us.

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