I will send you the message of 2023

I will receive the 2023’s message through my “Heart” and send it to those who wish it. (The deadline to apply is March 31, 2023)
Regarding how the message will be helpful, refer to the following.

  • When each problem happens:
    If you are an athlete, worried about slumps or injury
    Your job does not go well. Poor physical condition or sluggish performance, etc.
  • When various problems happen at work and at home ( Married life or housework, childcare)
  • When the same emotion repeatedly appears inside you:
    Anxiety or denying yourself, blaming yourself
    Frustrating, depressing
  • When various symptoms or diseases appear inside your body
  • If you are a student, when you are worried about your future or job hunting

When I give people personal counseling, I tell people the message first and lead them so that they can solve a problem in daily life. Basically, if something problem is occurring in real life, it can be said that it is happening in order to go forward in a better direction. It can be thought that the message I will give you can become concrete guidance on how you go forward in real life. (Regarding where the message comes from, refer to the described content later)

The message is such as guideline that illuminates the way you go

What kind of year was 2022 for you?
For me, it was the year to look back on my relationship with my family. For myself who is going to go forward, that was a substantial experience. Especially, I experienced what I have left to do between the relationship with my elderly brother and was able to feel love from my father sufficiently. If I had left the problems as they are and kept on going forward about my job, I would have regretted them later.

Seemingly, if what you can not be convinced happens to you, your real self sometimes strongly hopes from the bottom of your heart that you experience it. Therefore, an unexpected event can happen. For me, the past four years have been exactly a series of such things, however, all the experience was needed in order to attract the future beyond that surely.

You might sometimes become anxious and not be able to recognize what to do when something you can not be convinced happens. At such times, what I always do is direct consciousness to my Heart and get messages from my true self and write down them on paper.

Last year, many things happen to me and they often made me unstable, however, I repeatedly read the words I had written so that I was able to be conscious of the way again I would go forward. Such messages can show brightly the direction people are aiming for.

How 2023 will be?

For those who have been preparing until last year, it can be thought that they will be able to go forward in response to a tailwind as if a sailed ship. However, what may be worried about can happen to everyone in various cases because what is experienced in life is not the same.

Basically, it can be thought that learning many things in everyday life does not change. Therefore, your true self who gets along with inside you will try to show you who live daily life various messages (guidelines).

The way you go forward is not wrong

This is the point. It can be said that you are going forward the way that your true self hopes to experience even if the way you go is dark as if walking on the road at night and you think that you are walking alone. You are going forward to the point that you will reach even if you can not know yet how you will want to be.

It is reassuring if you have the guidelines to go forward in daily life

Groping forward on the dark road at night is tough, however, the messages sent from your true self in everyday life illuminate the road brightly. Those messages are sent to yourself who live daily life in various shapes. However, it can be thought that you might not often be able to realize the message because you live daily life in a busy or you get used to seeing daily things by using thought.

The words from your true self or the existence who watch over you

Therefore, I will receive the important message through my Heart, write down and give you it this time to those who hope. If I say where the message come from, it is from true your self or invisible existence such as Guidian spirit or ancesters who supporrt you.

Basically, gardian spirit such as the above with your true self wacth over every single person and lead you who live daily life.  
You might think that you live alone everyday life, however, it can not happen that the beings who support you leave you and stop guiding (even if you feel that way).

The beings not only watch you from a distance, but sometimes show reassuring guidelines at necessary times as if intervening directly. According to a person, you may watch it in your dream or feel as a strong intuition.

Please apply this project during this period if you wish.
I will recieve the important message for you through my own Heart and give it to you.

Bacically, this is a message throughout the year of 2023. 

Can I receive it even if having not met you.

I can receive a message for you even if I have not met you before. For those who are worried about whether I can do it even if having not seen you, it might be good that you will attach your face photo to the email and send it to us. You can attach photo to the mail address for reply that we will send you. (It is voluntary to send your photo to us and basically, it is no need to do it)

For the detail, please refer to the following.

A message for 2023

Period for applying: 20/01/2023~31/03/2023

Start to give a message: After 20/01/2023

Number of words: about 250 to 280

Format: PDF

Fee: JPY20,000.00

About payment: Please make a transfer.
*For the detail, please refer to the Payments page.

Please teach us the following things when applying.
①Your name
②Date of birth

Please note:
I will write your message to make it easier to understand. Basically, after sending a messege to you, we can not accept explanations or questions for the message. When you deepen the meaning of the message, we recommend to apply “Personal Counseling”. Those who send a messege can the counseling of 45 minutes in a special frame.

Reference page: Personal/Corporate counseling

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