Representative selection race — What affected the running?  12/28/2019

My impression of Fukuoka International Open Marathon Championship 2019
Representative selection race — What affected the running?

While I was watching the Fukuoka International Open Marathon Championship, which is doubled as the Japanese men’s representatives selection race on TV, I was thinking about, what do Japanese athletes do, in order to do their best performance in races?

My wife likes watching Marathon on TV. I was affected by her and watching it together.

As a matter of fact, when I was watching athletes running, I tended to have my own way to look at it. I had been entirely observing their states, how their face color changed, ways of running and so on.

From the middle of the race, I was paying attention to one athlete.
His complexion was stable, and he seemed to be relaxed and calmly running.
From my point of view, he seemed like he was thinking, that the decisive moment was after around 30 km to take the lead.

If he kept on running relaxed to the goal, he might clear the time set in advance and win the endorsement of Olympic representative. Therefore, I had had such an assumption, and been watching his full performance.

Japanese athletes’s way of running is apparently different, for example, from African athletes’s.
How do Japanese athletes use their minds and get good results, when they are running?
On the other hand, why are African athletes so good at marathon?
If Japanese study their distinctive and natural ability within their bodies,
can we, Japanese, make use of them?
As I had been watching, I had been feeling those things, too.

And the athlete I paid attention to, seemed to begin to get tired after 30 km.
I recognized that the motion of his legs seemed to get slightly slower little by little.
Gradually, he had apparently been behind the leading athlete,
and as I kept on watching him, I got an intuition in my mind.
He is obviously an athlete who looks like he would be able to make decisions with a calm mind. But as this representative race was approaching, l suppose he presumably might have had a certain period of time to conceive of more negative thinking, at least as far as anxiety, tension and so on. If that’s true, in such a long race, this detrimental imagery could affect his running later in the race.

This is simply my idea though. However, I firmly believe this, as I’ve been studying the relation between the mind and the body for a long time, such as how using the mind in daily life can affect something like a real race.

For reference, in the following I’ll show you one of the areas that I’ve been studying.

How does a way of using the mind affect physical motion?

The human body is composed of basically three energetic bodies,
:body, emotion, and consciousness.
Therefore, what you have in your mind, including thinking and grasping, or some feelings of tension and inferiority, or anxiety right before the race, can become energies and these energies flow into your body and aura.
These states of mind are piled up, just like making shades of negative energy in your body, and can affect physical motion.
Depending on continuous time and strength of one’s mind, energies which can become loaded against the body, strongly flow within it.
As a result, one can feel the body grow heavy, more easily become tired, and the body doesn’t work as intended, and tension or unusual sensation in muscle.

This is a basic conception about the physical body that I’ve been teaching.

What you feel in your mind, including stress, tension, anxiety and so on are flowing into an emotional layer as seen in this picture. A physical layer and an emotional layer are next to each other. As a result, you can say that’s why emotion can be influential on the body.
Simply put, because the constitution of the body-aura is such, therefore, the body is affected by emotion.

How can you make use of the heart-breathing technique?
It seems to be different for a variety of sports, though.
The heart-breathing technique is a breathing technique that you can use to clear your mind.
Simply, heart is love itself, and negative minds can be changed into a neutral state by energy of the heart. 

Therefore, if your body transforms into a state that easily tends to be affected by unbalanced emotion, anxiety and other feedings, by doing the heart-breathing technique, the harnessed heart-love energy will run throughout the body.
Consequently, the energy can work, just as the “cloud” of the body due to negative minds, is cleared.

So I think that it’s very significant, in order to adjust the state of the body, to use the heart-breathing technique in our daily lives.

In today’s representative selection race,
if by doing heart-breathing, his anxiety and other negative states of minds that he had had right before the race could’ve been reset and been taken back to a suitable state of mind, there might have been another result.
This story is totally my assumption, but I hope the technique noted above will become more of a reality in the field of sports.

The human mind can profoundly affect the physical body.
In our daily lives, it might not be such an affectional phenomenon.
However, in a competitive “one-shot world” such as what athletes face, how to have the proper mind and adjust emotions they bear, is very significant.

In the end, it was a day I felt things like these issues profoundly again.

December 28th, 2019

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