“Itsukushimi” is the love of feminine quality. Regarding its principle and work which adjusts the body and mind.

On this page, I will guide you on the principle of “Itsukushimi” which is the love of feminine quality and its action while introducing what I have experienced.

The reason why “Itsukushimi” has been carried

Memories buried in the subconscious

As I am also guiding you through the “What is the subconscious” page, people are living not only one life but also many past lives. And I also have a past life when I practiced and researched “Itsukushimi.” It was after my mid-30s that I began to remember it little by little.
The more I remember, the more suffering in the past life appeared from my subconsciousness. However, how to cope with the trauma came to be born from my inside while repeatedly facing the suffering.
The experience at this time is also the origin of the method that heals past emotions. In this way, by practicing and researching it in everyday life, I was able to deepen the principle of “Itsukushimi” and its working.

Beyond many lives

As I researched “Itsukushimi”, I realized that I was tracing my inner memory. Inside a person, there are memories that each of you have had as one soul in this way, and what you have experienced in the past life is recorded (remembered) in the subconscious. For more information about this content, please refer to the “What is the subconscious” page.

The love of feminine quality is needed

When the word “Itsukushimi” naturally came to appear from within me, I came to be conscious of the word. And by keeping the consciousness of “Itsukushimi” inside myself, I came to experience that it became to be an energy and flowed into the body, and furthermore, recognize that its energy was very soft and fine and had the quality of feminine love. And through repeated research, I eventually came to understand that the energy of “Itsukushimi” has the effect of healing past emotions and traumas.

Inside me, there were some deep traumas.
For instance, researching this “Itsukushimi” is one of the traumas. As I mentioned earlier, I had been researching “Itsukushimi” in my past life. But at that time, I had come to give up this research because coming to be severely accused and punished by a large organization. And when in this life I resumed the research on “Itsukushimi” and tried to make it public to the outside world (publication of the book), the pain and suffering of the past life emerged from the subconscious.

The more I tried to go to the manuscript of the book, the more trauma lurking deeply inside emerged every day, and I could not feel like heading to the manuscript. As a result, what I have desperately come to use was the power of “Itsukushimi.”

With the Heart Breathing Technique, I tried to use the consciousness of “Itsukushimi” and sent the energy of “Itsukushimi” to the emotions having emerged. As I desperately repeated this act, I was able to clearly understand that the pain and suffering of those days had come out of my deep area, and naturally began to accept them and send love to myself (those feelings) of the past life.

As a result, my trauma was greatly healed by using “Itsukushimi” within me, and I was able to fulfill my purpose of publishing books. This experience is also the starting point for conveying the concept of “Itsukushimi” to the world.

“Itsukushimi” has two main effects.

  • Heal the trauma and emotions lurking inside a person
  • Stabilize various things: state of consciousness, how to act, relationships with people, the atmosphere of the place, etc.

I also show the other characteristics of “Itsukushimi” below.

What is “Itsukushimi”?

There are two points in the “Itsukushimi” that I am guiding.

  • Have a heart that gets along with one’s past emotions and memories

It is necessary for people to have a feeling of cuddling up, but what I especially want to guide is that you have a feeling of “being close” to your own memories of the past (traumas and emotions you had at that time). This is how to use the consciousness of “Itsukushimi” which is very highly effective for past emotions and traumas.

In order to live a new way of life, it is very important to use the consciousness of “Itsukushimi” in this way.

Stop and look back on the past as needed, and try to love, praise, accept, and understand yourself who has worked hard or tried to achieve so far.

As a result, your feelings in the past, which have been seeking to be understood in the deep part of the inside, will calm down (be healed) because of being accepted, and the emotions will shift to the power to stabilize yourself rather than put a stop to yourself living in the present.

  • Using the Breathing Technique of “Itsukushimi” to send the energy of “Itsukushimi” to the past yourself and the feelings (emotions) at that time

I have also guided you on other pages about this content, but the reason for using this method is that it is difficult to heal the trauma of the past, for example, only by the method of having a “sense of cuddling”. For more information on this content, please refer to the articles on other pages because I cannot show you the detail in only this space.

It is also useful for the principles of society.

Within each person, talent, wisdom, and individuality lie, as I have guided my experience. And if we can freely express what each of you has hidden inside, it can be thought that each person’s happiness and fulfillment of life will increase, technology for various things will develop, and our society will become stable and easy to live.

Therefore, even though you want to express something, if you are stopped by various traumas and emotions (fear, etc.) of the past, please use the power of “Itsukushimi” so that you can express yourself freely.

The needed thing to reduce negative emotions inside is the support of family and a sense of ease that is being accepted, and that is the love of “Itsukushimi.” If there is not a sense of ease at the foundation of life, it might come to be hard for an individual to show one’s stability in society.

These are the big reason why I am guiding “Itsukushimi.”

Please also see the contents of the following page as needed. I will further guide you about “Itsukushimi.”
: What is “Itsukushimi”: The form of love created by the quality of women

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