Advance guidance for Work Five Course

There are two courses in the ”Work Five Course”:

・Course to Learn for Yourself
・Therapist Course Learn for Yourself and Others
 *As for the Therapist Course, we do not have the lecture in English at the moment. 

Course to Learn for yourself

What is “Work Five”?

You will basically learn 4 types of energies in the “Work Five Course” and be able to make use of the following energies, including the energy of “Itsukushimi.”

  • The energy of “Itsukushimi”
  • The energy of “Work Five”
  • The energy of “Light Body Work Five”
  • Elementary particle

※”Work Five” is the name of this course and also the method, and moreover, of one energy as the above.

What is based on the “five major elements.”

“Five” of “Work Five” means “five major elements: fire, water, earth, air, wind.” In addition, the energies of Work Five and Light Body Work Five are based on the five major elements.

The reason for using the five major elements

The body of humans is basically shaped by the five major elements.  You may usually not care about the five major elements, but it stays close and also the essential element. First, we will proceed with the guidance about the five major elements through the foods that you have in everyday life. 

Please refer to the following diagram.
As shown in the figure, grains, vegetables, and fruits materially shape naturally, because of bathing in the sunshine, absorbing the moisture contained in the soil, and the circulation of air by wind.

This figure shows how fruits are shaped. In this way, the five major elements circulate due to the work of nature so that grains, vegetables, and fruits are formed. Because you eat them in daily life, it can be said that the human body is shaped by the five major elements.

When you hear the five major elements, you may feel that it is somewhere far away. However, in fact, it is also the elements that you take in on a daily basis. Please remember what exists closer to you than anything is the five major elements.

As mentioned above, the five major elements are essential to keep on living.  The energy of “Work Five” or “Light Body Work Five” is created in order to be able to utilize those elements variously in a highly effective state.

The technique of “Work Five”

Make use of acupuncture points and meridian lines on the body

In the “Work Five Course,” you will learn the methods of utilizing various energies. What is especially important as a basis in the methods is to acquire the technique of taking into the body each energy through the acupuncture points (acupoint) of meridian lines. The reason that learns its method is that meridian lines connect to various organs so that each energy permeates the deep parts inside the body through acupoints and further adjustment will be possible.

Make use of “elementary particles”

To put it simply, elementary particles are very fine energy and the basic element composing various substances. In the technique of the Work Five, you make use of the elementary particle and because of this, the action of each energy will further increase.
Elementary particles are because it is very fine, the speed of motion is light and fast, and has the characteristics to swiftly permeate the points where it does not reach if it is a rough particle. We have realized highly effective technology by combining its characteristics and the method of using acupoints.

Convert elementary particles into three types of energies

Basically, after elementary particles reach the necessary parts inside the body, you will convert them into three kinds of energy. The technique is not difficult, if taking the lecture, anyone will be able to acquire it.

What can each energy be utilized for?

As mentioned above, each energy that you will learn has the characteristic of reaching the deep parts of the mind and body and in a way, they are momentum (permeable and fast) energy. In the lecture, we will teach you basic skills, however, how to utilize them varies according to every single person. If you can acquire the basics, how to apply the skills is free. Please make use of them for your own fulfilling life. In the course, we will teach you simpler content.

Utilize the technique of “Work FIve” with the method of “Counseling I Am”

  • Adjustment of past emotions or traumas, besides that, difficult parts within you

If you could unravel past emotions or traumas in the subconscious, it will come to be easy to go in the direction that you really want.  For instance, you can come to freely move your body as if the shackles were removed, or how to express yourself will also become your true thing, or it can be easy to realize your dreams, etc.  It is hard for anyone to heal past emotions or traumas, but the technique of the Work Five is more helpful at such times.

Other examples of use

  • Adjustment of the mind and body / Recovery from tiredness
  • Adjustment of the state of consciousness:
    Deal with emotions emerging from the inside and choose your hope, or keep a positive attitude
  • For health and anti-aging care (beauty), etc.

Examples of use in each field; athletes, etc.

  • Same content with the above
  • Adjustment and enhancement of the body and consciousness / Maintenance of stability:
    Draw out your original power and enhance the quality of performance
  • Recovery from injury / Speed up the escape from a slump

Promote further making a dialogue interact with yourself

If you keep on using the technique of the Work Five, you will be naturally able to deepen your interaction with yourself. By enriching the basics, you will be able to immediately deal with the change occurring within you (a disorder of the mind and body or the wave of emotion, etc). 

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