Medicine Course: Highly effective adjustment method for oneself

Medicine Course

Please see the below page in advance.
Medicine Course is one of the two “Applied Classes” and on the following page, the common goals of the Applied Class and the difference from the other course are mentioned.

Applied Class:  Learn highly effective energies

※Those who take the Medicine Course are required to learn the content of the “Basic Class” in advance, or required to acquire the same one in other courses.

In this course, you will learn how to utilize two new “highly effective energies,” based on the techniques that you have already acquired in the Basic Class. By keeping the stable state of consciousness (=Heart) and making use of each energy, you will be able to deeply adjust the mind and body.

What are the two types of energy?

  • Light Body Energetic Medicine (LBEM)
  • Energetic Medicine (EM)

Meaning of each word

  • Light Body: Body of Light. It means that this energy acts deeply on emotions, etc. and more stabilizes the mind and body
  • Energetic: means Highly effective energy
  • Medicine: means that this energy acts on the mind and body as if medicine.

Origin of two types of energy

How can these two be generated and where do they come from?
Basically, we are conveying how to utilize a simple mechanism. When you turn consciousness to your Heart or do the Heart Breathing Technique, the Heart energy is generated and the foundation of stable consciousness is built. This state of consciousness becomes the medium and foundation for generating energy.  If you appropriately use consciousness in this state, you can safely create each energy.

In addition, these two kinds of energy are one that can be generated for the first time when the quality of each inner Heart is enhanced.
Therefore, it is important to utilize energy in the state that your inside is stabilized, and that state exactly becomes the element to produce a higher quality of energy.

Consequently, in a way, learning this method also becomes one training to make each inside open richly.

Actions and characteristics of each energy

Light Body Energetic Medicine (LBEM)

This energy is sensed lighter in specific gravity than EM. It especially has a high penetration quality and acts more deeply on consciousness. In addition, it has a wide range of use and the characteristic to be handled more easily.

・Help the past emotions and trauma in the subconscious to be healed
・Adjust the state of unstable consciousness
・Make the mind and body active
・Can be widely used for beauty

Energetic Medicine (EM)

This energy is sensed a little heavier in specific gravity than LBEM. Because it has a closer wavelength to the body, it acts on the body or on emotions influencing the body.

・Melting hardened emotions that affect the mind and body
・Heal a tired body
・Make body movement more active
・Help recover from injury
・Can be widely used for beauty (conditioning the skin, etc.)

Utilize highly effective energies

As mentioned above, the basic is the Heart Breathing Technique. When A certain quantity of Heart energy is kept within you by using this breathing technique, the foundation to generate energies is built. This is very important and because of it, you can appropriately create two types of highly effective energies. 
After learning this basic, you will acquire the method to adjust the mind and body. That is why you will learn how to use proper “intention” so that you will be able to efficiently utilize each generating energy within you. Eventually, you will learn the technique to use three kinds of energy appropriately according to the situation, including the “Itsukushimi” energy learned in the Basic Class.

When using the breathing technique and coming to flow each energy in the body, you will gradually be able to acquire the skill of observing the inside of yourself and deepen your awareness in everyday life. And eventually, you will be able to interact with your true self through your Heart.

※The contents learned in this course can be used together with the one learned in the “Counseling I AM Class.”

What this course particularly aims for

As mentioned on the “Applied Class” page, the reason that you will learn how to utilize two kinds of energies is to help the past emotions and traumas in the subconscious be healed.  To put it simply why that is important, it is because daily life of every single person will rich more. For more details,  please refer to the following page, as needed.

・The technique to observe the inside of oneself
 *This page will be published as soon as it is ready. Please click here if you would like to see the Japanese page.
・What you need in the coming era: in order to get your true self back.
 *This page will be published as soon as it is ready. Please click here if you would like to see the Japanese page.

Besides that, as guided above, you can make use of the technique for preventing an unstable state, making your body more active, and healing your tired body. In addition, when emotions and traumas come to be healed, the state of your mind and body will get very lighter, and consequently, that will appear as an effect of beauty as it is.

Course content

◇Review the contents learned in the Basic Class
・Regarding each breathing technique of Heart and “Itsukushimi”
・Confirm to send the “Itsukushimi” energy to each part of the body and be able to effectively utilize it
◇Regarding the function that Heart works as a disk to receive each energy (ist characteristic is called “Heart Receiving Disk”)
・Heart becomes the foundation to utilize energy
◇Regarding “Energetic Medicine”
・Repeat practical exercises to ensure that you can make use of energy
・Flow the energy to each part of the body
◇Regarding “Light Body Energetic Medicine”
・Repeat practical exercises to ensure that you can make use of energy
・Flow the energy to each part of the body
※We guide you on how to utilize these two types of energies in person, including via video call. And besides that, your own practical exercises are needed.
◇Guide you to utilize course contents to the interested activity of each in everyday life
・For those who are taking the “Counseling I AM Class,” we guide them on how to combine each technique.
・For example, we will concretely guide how athletes make use of them
-The way to face the symptom that emerges in the body. 
 Things related to recovery from injury, etc.
・For those who are interested in beauty, we guide them on how to utilize the method, based on the concrete example
-Regarding spots on the face and skin condition, etc.

Tuition fee and Class hours

Group lecture more than 3 JPY504,000.00/12 hours 
Individual lecture JPY638,000.00/10 hours

※When you learn in an individual lecture, class hours are reduced because you can learn faster than in a group lecture. The contents of learning are the same.
※You can also pay in installments

<Learning period>
About 4 months

Regarding how to proceed with the class

We will give you lectures once or twice a month and assignments for each student at every lecture. If you practice the contents of the lectures in your daily life, you will be able to acquire the above methods. Daily life is a place where you can practically utilize the method that you learn. Please go forward at each pace.

You can take lessons in whichever face-to-face or video call. The video calls are Skype, Zoom, Google Meet, Messenger, LINE, and so on. It’s possible to take the lectures wherever you live in Japan or overseas.

Regarding the fee that you paid

If you quit the class on your way, at the time when you would tell us about your decision we will calculate the remaining fee and pay back you a third of the left fee. The reason is that we take time and work for you to prepare and guide the class. We hope you could understand that.

If you want to apply to this course or for more details, please feel free to contact us.
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: Who I am and how to unravel it.
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